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How to Get Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Welcome this Lucky Rabbit to the Valley!

They’ve been giving us all sorts of hints about Oswald in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from the black-and-white filters on their Twitter icon to the in-game dialogue boxes. Well, now he’s finally here, and we can work on welcoming him into the Valley. Here’s how!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunken Ruins Quest Guide

Unlocking Oswald takes a bit of extra work, unlike Daisy Duck. You’ll need to make sure you grind out the previous quests in Eternity Isle, completing “The Cave of Wonders” and the initial Friendship quests for Rapunzel, Eve, and Gaston first. Only once you’ve done all these can you get the quest from Merlin, “The Sunken Ruins.”

The first step of the “The Sunken Ruins” quest is to meet Merlin in his Library, aka his player home. This is most likely back in Dreamlight Valley unless you’ve moved it to the new island. After talking to him, he’ll give you the task of collecting 11 Flickers.

Where to Collect Flickers

The Flickers are found using your Hourglass in a few different locations. You’ll need to jump around a bit, so try and use the Fast Travel option in your Map menu to do so a bit quicker.

The places where you’ll find the Flickers are the following:

  • Moana’s Realm, Ratatouille’s Realm, or WALL-E’s Realm x3 (You may find all three of them in one or you may have to check one of the others).
  • Dreamlight Valley – Plaza x4
  • Eternity Isle – The Docks x4

To get the Flickers, wander around these locations with your Hourglass equipped and press X, Y, or M2/Spacebar to use it. You’ll track them down just like any other object (by following the glowing arrow on the screen to the right spot and pulling it out of the ground).

Once you have all the Flickers, return to Merlin for your next step. You’ll venture into the Shrunken Ruins with Merlin, and here, Merlin will ask you to take quick snapshots of three chambers. Then, you’ll gain three sub-quests to complete for the main quest, “A Bit of Help From Your Friends.” In these three quests, you’ll need to complete a quest for Rapunzel, Gaston, and EVE, corresponding to each chamber in the Shrunken Ruins.

How to Complete “All The Right Notes” Quest

To complete Rapunzel’s “All The Right Notes” quest, you’ll need to help cure her sore throat. To do this, you’ll make her some tea and soup, Mother Gothel’s special recipes. The recipe page is in Rapunzel’s Tower, between the wardrobe and the bed. Once you have the recipe, return it to Rapunzel, and then you can start collecting the ingredients you need.

First, you’ll need a special purple flower. Head to the Promenade, right off The Grove in the Wild Tangle, and look for two glowing gold dig spots. Dig up the two spots using your shovel to find the Purple Seeds. Then, plant them and water them. It’ll take 20 minutes for them to grow before you can harvest them.

  • Purple seed dig spot in promenade
  • Purple seed dig spot in Promenade

Mother Gothel’s Tea Recipe

Once you have the purple plants, aka Mother Gothel’s Herbs, you can make tea at any cooking station. Here’s all the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Mother Gothel’s Herbs
  • Majestea x1 – Harvested in The Overlook and The Ruins
  • Agave x1 – Harvested in The Plains, The Wastes, The Oasis, and The Borderlands

Mother Gothel’s Soup Recipe

Just like the tea, you’ll need to make the soup at a cooking station using these ingredients:

  • Mother Gothel’s Herbs
  • Majestea x1
  • Paprika x1 – Harvested in The Oasis and The Borderlands
  • Turnip x1 – Purchased at The Grasslands, The Lagoon, The Promenade, and The Grove at Goofy’s Stall
  • Yam x1 – Purchased at The Docks, The Ruins, The Courtyard, and The Overlook at Goofy’s Stall

Now that both recipes are made bring them Rapunzel. You’ll have to wait five minutes after giving them to her before speaking to her and finally completing the quest.

How to Complete “Does Not Compute” Quest

For EVE’s quest, you’ll wander around Eternity Isle using your Royal Tools and creating items on the Timebending Table. The first step will be to use the treasure map EVE gives you to find the Ancient Artifacts. You’ll need to use the tool marked on the map at that specific location to find the artifact. Here’s where to find them all:

  • Ancient Slate: Fish at the gold fishing spot in EVE’s secret garden in The Overlook
  • Ancient Dictionary: Mine the rock in Gaston’s camp in The Oasis
  • Ancient Processor Blueprint: Use Hourglass in the hidden area under the waterfall in The Docks
  • Ancient Processor Crystal: Dig in the gold digging spot in the Timebending area east of the Courtyard
  • Ancient Power Sphere: Dig in the glowing spot in the sun dial area east of The Grove

Once you’ve found all the Ancient Artifacts, take them to the Timebending Table to repair the Ancient Processor. You’ll need the following materials to do so (which you can find using your Hourglass in any location around Eternity Isle):

  • Ancient Gears x3
  • Ancient Magnets x3
  • Ancient Plates x3

After repairing the Ancient Processor and bringing it to EVE, she’ll have you take pictures of items around her home. You’ll need to take the following pictures, using your Phone via your toolwheel:

  • Coffee table with plant in eve's house
  • Chandelier in Eve's house
  • Lightbulb near Eve's door in her house
  • The round coffee table
  • The ceiling light/chandelier
  • The light bulbs next to the entrance

Then, you’ll head back to the Timebending Table to craft the Universal Adapter, using the following materials:

  • Oasis Glass x10 – Digging in The Oasis
  • Plastic Scrap x15 – Fishing in non-fishing spots in The Docks
  • Brass Ingot x2 – Crafted with Coal x3, Zinc x2, Copper x3
  • Copper x15 – Mining any deposits in Eternity Isle
  • Mechanical Parts x3 – Crafted with Brass Ingot x1 and Bronze Ingot x1

Bring it back to EVE and then you can move on to the last friend quest with Gaston.

How to Complete “Hero Pose” Quest

For Gaston’s portion of the main quest, you’ll need to do two different things: cook him breakfast and craft a Shiny LeFou statue. First, we’ll need to make him a Golden Omelette. You won’t find these ingredients just anywhere. Instead, head to the Cave of Wonders in The Wastes.

Pile of gold in cave of wonders
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In the Cave of Wonders, you’ll dig up the piles of gold to find the following rare ingredients (they’re scattered around each chamber and by the secondary exit):

  • Golden Eggs
  • Golden Pepper
  • Golden Milk
  • Gemstone Cheese
  • Aged Venison

Once you have all those ingredients, head to the nearest cooking station and put them all together to make the Gold Omelette. Serve it up to Gaston and he’ll come up with the new idea to build a LeFou statue. Of course, to build anything, you’ll need the right materials:

  • Alexandrite x1 – Mined from deposits in The Oasis and The Wastes
  • Bronze Ingot x5 – Crafted with Copper and Tin from deposits anywhere around Eternity Isle
  • Bumblestone x1 – Mined from deposits in The Borderlands
  • Jade x3 – Mined from deposits in The Courtyard and The Overlook
  • Spinel x1 – Mined from deposits in The Promenade and The Grove
  • Paints – In Rapunzel’s Tower next to the easel in the corner

Craft the LeFou statue with the above materials and deliver it to him to complete the quest.

How to Complete “A Bit of Help From Your Friends” Quest

Now that you’ve helped out all three of the Eternity Isle friends, you can return to The Shrunken Ruins, bringing them along. In the Shrunken Ruins, you’ll need to do the following interactions:


  • Power coil stuck in a rock
  • Placing Power Coil in slot
  • 1. Find the Power Coils by mining the rocks in the area
  • 2. Place the Power Coils in the sockets on the wall
  • 3. Step on the pressure plate behind EVE


  • Clearing rubble off the pressure plates
  • Placing Lefou statue on pressure plate
  • 1. Mine the rubble blocking the center pressure plate (he’ll give you an upgrade for your Pickaxe)
  • 2. Mine the rubble blocking the smaller pressure plates
  • 3. Place the LeFou statue on one pressure plate
  • 4. Step on the other pressure plate


  • Clear rubble to find the music sheet
  • Music note sheet with right spots
  • Music notes in the right spots
  • 1. Mine the rubble to find the music note sheet
  • 2. Inspect the music note sheet to see where the notes need to be placed
  • 3. Interact with each pedestal to move the music notes into their proper spots
  • 4. Then, step on the pressure plate

When you’ve finished helping each friend in their chambers, return to the main area and step on the last pressure plate to open the trap door and reach Oswald!

How to Complete “Spark of Imagination” Quest

You’ve finally found Oswald, but you’ll need to complete a few more steps before officially welcoming him to Eternity Isle. After the two cutscenes follow Oswald into the main chamber. You’ll see the Spark of Imagination ahead, but you’ll need to complete a few more puzzles to reach it. These are fairly easy steps but take a bit of time, so here’s the jist of them:

  • Horn on a pedestal
  • Floating black-and-white gears
  • Building Question Mark Wheel on Timebending Table
  • Horn stuck in a rock
  • Placing horn on pedestal
  • 1. Mine the rubble to reach Oswald’s Horn. Interacting with it will drop an Exclamation Mark on the ground in front of him.
  • 2. Pick up the Exclamation Mark and place it into the slot to use as a makeshift lever.
  • 3. Use the new lever to lower the bridge onto the second platform.
  • 4. To rotate the bridge from the center platform, you’ll need a wheel. Talk to Oswald and he’ll drop a Question Mark for you to pick up.
  • 5. Then, collect the matching black-and-white floating gears nearby (two are on the platform with you, and the last one flies near the entrance).
  • 6. Cross the bridge by clearing the rubble to reach the Timebending Table.
  • 7. Use the Timebending Table to make the Question Mark Wheel.
  • 8. Place the Wheel in the center of the platform and use it to rotate the bridge to reach the next platform.
  • 9. You’ll need to make another wheel repeating the same steps. Pick up the Question Mark and then collect all the floating gears (two on the platform with you and one on the platform with the chest).
  • 10. Use the Timebending Table to make the piece and place it into the center of the platform.
  • 11. Rotate the bridge to the left and clear the rubble to find another Horn.
  • 12. Place the Horn on the stone pedestal beside the center wheel of the platform and interact with it to make Oswald drop another Exclamation Mark.
  • 13. With another Exclamation Mark, you can place it into the slot to make a lever and reach the final platform where the Spark of Imagination is waiting.

After completing all these steps and reaching the Spark of Imagination, you discover Jafar is disguising himself as Merlin and steals the Spark of Imagination right from your fingertips. You can exit the ruins, but the adventure is not quite over yet.

You’ll need to check in on all your Eternity Isle friends: Rapunzel, Gaston, and EVE, and take a snapshot of the objects that have gone monochrome.

  • Black and white ship on the tip of a rock
  • Black and white crates from Gaston's shipwreck
  • Black and white books in EVE's secret room
  • The boat high up in the middle of the Tangle
  • Crates near Gaston’s Shipwreck in the Wastes
  • Books in EVE’s secret chamber on the Docks

How to Complete “Oswald’s Many Dimensions” Quest

At this point, Oswald will be wandering around Eternity Isle, but he won’t have a house there yet. To fully welcome him, you’ll need to complete his quest, “Oswald Many Dimensions.” You’ll have to complete all of your Friendship quests with Gaston, Rapunzel, and EVE to unlock it.

Once you do, speak to him to help him get settled. You’ll need to complete a few more steps to make him fit in more and find a way to communicate. The first step is to dress like him.

How to Dress Like Oswald

He’ll give you an Oswaldian Black and White Fedora, and you’ll need to dress up in the following via your Wardrobe menu:

  • Oswaldian Black andd White Fedora
  • Black Shirt
  • White Pants

You can use the filters to help find clothes that fit into the right category.

Where to Get Black and White Flowers

Show off your outfit to Oswald to continue to the next step. Sticking to the black-and-white theme, you’ll need to harvest a bunch of black-and-white flowers all around Eternity Isle and Dreamlight Valley. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Black Glass-Like Flowers – In The Plains and The Wastes
  • White Bird of Paradise – In The Docks and The Courtyard
  • White Cactus Flower – In The Oasis and The Borderlands
  • Black Passion Lily – In Frosted Heights
  • White Bell Flower – In Forest of Valor
  • White Daisy – In Peaceful Meadow
  • White Impatiens – In Forgotten Lands
  • White Marsh Milkweed – In Glade of Trust
  • White Passion Lily – In Frosted Heights
  • White & Pink Falling Penstemon – In The Plaza
  • White & Red Hydrangea – In Dazzle Beach

How to Break the Communication Barrier

Unfortunately, even collecting all those flowers didn’t do the trick. You’ll need to literally break the barrier of communication to finally understand Oswald. To do this, head to the room behind the waterfall at The Docks.

EVE's secret room at the docks
Screenshot by GameSkinny

There, you’ll find a black-and-white screen that you’ll need to hit with your Pickaxe. After you do this, you can speak to Oswald and see dialogue options for him. It’s finally time to make Oswald a permanent residence on the Isle.

How to Build Oswald’s Home

Oswald is obviously a very special character, so like all the other requirements to unlock him, making his house takes a bit of extra work. Before you place his house in the Valley, you’ll need to make an Oswaldian Pencil. You’ll need the following materials:

  • Tropical Wood x15 – On the ground in The Grasslands
  • Coal x10 – From mining deposits anywhere
  • Amber x1 – From digging anywhere in the Wild Tangle

Bring those materials to a nearby crafting station and make your Pencil. Then, open your Wardrobe and equip it (it’ll be in the accessories tab). Now that you have the Pencil, you can speak to Oswald and place his house anywhere in the Valley. Unlike most house constructions, you won’t be able to interact with the Scrooge sign without first equipping some 3D Glasses.

You can buy the 3D Glasses from Scrooge McDuck in his shop back in Dreamlight Valley. They’ll cost you 1,050 Star Coins. Once you have and equip them, return to Oswald’s house and you’ll be able to interact with the sign. Ta-Da! Oswald has a home in the Valley, and he fits in perfectly.

Want some more tips and tricks like this? Check out GameSkinny’s Disney Dreamlight Valley hub!

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