Must-have Nintendo prints by artist Orioto

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Mikaël Aguirre, known as Orioto online, is an artist that revamps our favorite video game moments into beautiful art. He has a gallery on DeviantArt, Tumblr and also sells his prints on Redbubble. Orioto's collection is rooted to his favorite games. From Final Fantasy to The Legend of Zelda, his art depicts iconic moments in lush, dreamy ways.

Calling all Nintendo fanboys and fan girls. Orioto's nostalgic Nintendo collection is bound to flood in great memories for gamers. He captures and recreates these moments in a new light and art form. Check out his other prints on his DeviantArt page. Also, check his Redbubble porfolio for other prints he has on sale. Move quick though, sometimes his prints go out of stock rather quickly!

Pictured above is Sweet Jungle. All of the following prints are available for sale in many different sizes and forms. Prices will vary according to material and size. Enjoy!

Published Jul. 11th 2015
  • KungFro
    "Sweet Jungle" is one of the prettiest pieces of fanart I have ever seen. And "Lil Penguin Lost" is just hilarious. Thanks so much for the introduction to this artist!
  • Manisha Hossain
    aw I'm so glad you enjoyed it! His fanart is so dreamy, I really can't get enough of it!

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