4 Games That May As Well Admit They're Sex Games

Plumbers don't save princesses. They lay pipe! These games are chock full o' sexy time!

In this day and age, sex is not as taboo to put in media as it was up until the late 60's. With new mediums of entertainment, it is no surprise that the no-no dance has made its way into video games.

However, it's always funny to hear publishers give the generic statement that the only reason it's in the game is to add to the story. We all know T&A sell, and every time a new GTA comes out, the line of teen boys telling their mothers about how great the game is will always be long. Kid, next time just bring your dad, he gets it. With that said, here are the top four recent games to include some naughty bits with the opposite sex... or same... or aliens?

4. Heavy Rain: The origami killer strikes again... on dat ass.

It should be easier to take a bra off in a game!

A PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain was a story driven game about a man obsessed with finding a serial killer, but everyone needs a break. Based mostly on quicktime events, one of the major scenes involves two characters undressing each other with the flick of your joystick. As soon as you get through the frustration of getting everything off, (just like in real life) the quicktime event continues. Pounding the triangle button has never been so fun!

3. GTA: San Andreas: I should do this for a living!

Up, up, down, down, L, R, L, R, wait I'm almost there!

The coding in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was open for the modding community to uncensor the act of having a nice delicious cup of hot coffee with CJ's girlfriend Millie. I think it was nice of her to make sure it was fresh by grinding CJ's beans.

2. God of War series: I guess if it will help me get revenge, I'll do this orgy.

Aphrodite didn't have money when Kratos delivered the pizza. 

Any fan of the God of War series knows its coming. Every game released has had a mini game in it with at least one girl Kratos needs to get through by showing her that he is also the god of love! Even in its portable games a little spice has been added to our heroes climb to Mount Olympus.

1. Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepherd is going to be paying a lot of child support.

Come on, captain, you need to cover your tracks better than that!

If you want to see every form of sex you can have in all the universe, then Mass Effect 3 is your game. Remember, in the game you can choose to be male or female. You can choose sex with the opposite or same gender. Hey, if you're feeling a bit froggy, why not try a few aliens on the way? Either way, with all the choices you have in the game, there is a bit of fun for everyone. As funny as it would be to use, I won't say anything about Uranus... wait... Uranus. I couldn't help myself.

There you have it. Four games that just wouldn't be the same without orgies, hot coffee, and aliens doing it. I know there are plenty more, and would love to see what everyone else comes up with. Go ahead and post other games that just couldn't resist putting a little extra play in gameplay. 


Published Jul. 25th 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    The Persona series is no angle, but Persona 4 definitely had some questionable moments that made me feel like I might be going to hell for playing it.

    'Oh, your dad passed away, girl from theater class? That's terrible. I bet 'maxing our social link' would really help you feel better about that.'
  • Katy Hollingsworth
    Former Staff Editor
    No angle? I thought it was rather... obtuse.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    If you need me, I'll be over here: https://www.gameskinny.com/oqmo2/editorial-confessions-thread
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Could we add the Fable series? After all, when one is feeling a bit norty'... you can hit the meat market... um I mean taverns.

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