The most expensive ships in Star Citizen

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Star Citizen, the infamous space simulator MMO game, isn't even slated to come out until at least 2017, but the release date hasn't stopped people for paying as much as $2,500 for individual starships as in-game content. And here are the 5 most expensive from least to most expensive.

These spaceships can't be sold, given, or traded in the game. They're yours and only yours. And don't even think about working around this system: transferring your account is also going to be against the user policy!

But who would pay hundreds of dollars for digital content that can't be transferred in a game that won't be out for years?

The answer: apparently everyone. All of these spaceships have sold out already.

We'll be seeing more releases again in the future, but check out the current most expensive ships in Star Citizen.

Published Oct. 22nd 2015
  • StayNoLonger
    Featured Contributor
    "They don't have an advantage" I retort whilst I jettison my escape pod. If Star Citizen does ever come out I will probably only ever be a lackey for some big corporation or in other words I will be cannon fodder.
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    Why settle for just one ship? Get them all for $15,000
  • Addison Blu
    Featured Contributor
    Well, not quite all of them lol.

    The best part is that The Completionist bundle you mentioned doesn't even have the Javelin in it, but if you spend $15,000, they'll allow you to spend another $2,500 to buy the Javelin even when it's out of stock.

    How generous, right?
  • Robert Sgotto
    Woah.. If I ever start playing this game I'll have to make friends with someone who bought a Javelin!

    What if you're not rich and can't afford these ships, are there alternative methods to getting a good ship?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Once the game launched, I'm under the impression it will be just like EVE, takes a massive cooperation and loads of in-game resources, but you can create/buy anything. I'm really really hoping it will turn out where there are massive battles involving thousands of people and destruction amounting to tens of thousands of real world dollars worth of ships.
  • Addison Blu
    Featured Contributor
    I think the most expensive ships come with "Lifetime Insurance," meaning they eventually replace the things that get destroyed.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    We got this beauty over at Guild Umbra

    It was not what you would call cheap.

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