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Are you a kid or a squid? Surely these words haunt even the toughest Splatters and annoy the unacquainted.

Splatoon is Nintendo's unexpected shooter, full of squid puns as far as the eye can sea and a growing phenomena in Japan. Here, I show you the greatest catches I could find in the ocean of fans and cosplay enthusiasts.


From deviantArt user Niea-JPN comes Orange Inkling Girl, who showed up to stand out at the 2015 World Cosplay Summit.

What really completes this cosplay is the fantastic photography and outstanding detail—from realistic fabric to the goggles and weapon. Good job! They have even more fantastic pictures with different poses posted up - go check them out!


From deviantArt user EsaRawr comes a glittery display of character Marie of the Squid Sisters.

This cosplay has a unique take on Marie's hair and eyes, and by unique I mean awesome. Make sure to check out their cosplay page on Facebook!



From cosplayer Hyruleroyale comes Blue Inkling Girl, dressed up and mix-matched with all your favorite Splatoon gear come-to-life.

Only a taste of what's to come, Hyruleroyale Cosplay is still winning with their light-up headgear and Squidkid hair. They even have an awesome Inkbrush to complete the attire.

To see more of their costumes or other shots of this Inkling, check out their Facebook page!


From the Tokyo Game Show itself, come two Green Inklings dressed up in the Hero costumes from Splatoon's single-player campaign mode.

Would you look at those guns and that hair? While the two Squid Kids remain unknown for the time being, they'll forever remain one of my favorites with how awesome and cohesive they managed to get the tentacles with the hair.

Straight outta Inkopolis!



Spyke cosplay from Tumblr user Daydream-Theater at Otakuthon 2015.

Who knew having spiked hair could look so adorable? This is what true dedication looks like—meticulously painted and coordinated purple.


Cap'n Cuttlefish from cosplayer Ramenpirate and photography by Oscar of New Age.

With adorable Squid Kids and Squid Sisters, it's easy to forget about adorable Grandpas! This already-hilarious cosplay is spot-on, pose and all.

For more amazing cosplay, check out Ramenpirate and New Age on Facebook.



The Squid Sisters Callie and Marie pose for the camera!

Maybe it's the sparkles, or maybe it's the smiles that seem so in-character and make this shot stand out. Whatever it is, it's brilliant and looks natural!

Both outfits were lovingly made by deviantArt user Mostflogged, who can be found here. The person posing as Marie can be found here.


That's all for now! Did I miss your favorite? Want to complain about the lack of Inkling Boys? Want to complain that there's still not enough Inkling Girls? Let me know in the comments!

Published Sep. 19th 2015

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