5 More Games that Should Be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

The Tomb Raider Trilogy

Before Lara Croft became the brooding protagonist we know today -- and was stranded on an island and forced to fight the harsh winter of Siberia and nefarious goons that seemed to fall right out of a Nathan Drake story -- she was just a charming archaeologist searching for treasure for the thrill of it all. She wasn't some covert commando or herbalist who knew how to heal herself with plants. She was all brain and unremitting brawn. She could run up to a guy, jump off him, and put some lead in his face with her iconic twin pistols without a single misstep.

With Tomb Raider's popularity at an all-time high, it would make perfect sense to let younger generations re-experience some of the classic games in the franchise. For example, Tomb Raider: Legend successfully rebooted the series after the disastrous Angel of Darkness; Anniversary is a high-def remake of the original game from 1996; and Underworld ties up all the lose ends from Legends, refining the elements that made past games so great.

These games were a great mix of smart puzzle solving and great action sequences. Sure, the combat isn't nearly as refined as recent games, but Tomb Raider wasn't all about combat. It was all about using your brain to solve solid puzzles. Some might not like that, but there's a reason that formula stuck around for years before it was rebooted. So let's dial the angst back and let us relive the version of Lara Croft who had a sense of humor.

Published Apr. 20th 2017

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