Gift Guide: Board Game Sets Based on Video Games

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Getting closer and closer to the holiday season, it's time to start picking up the perfect gifts for loved ones and friends. From technology all the way to accessories, gifts pertaining to video games are limitless!

If you know anyone in your life who is a huge fan of table-top games, board games and video games, then this is the ideal guide this holiday season. The following list showcases some of the most interesting table-top and board games that will make perfect gifts for fans that enjoy getting together with friends and engaging in old-school fun!

Super Mario Chess

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $33.69

But it on: Amazon

Know anyone that likes chess? And Super Mario? Then look know further! 

This is a standard chess board game modeled after all characters from Super Mario. One interesting thing to note is that it's the good guys against the bad guys! Bowser and his army of Koopas against Mario and an army of...coins!

Great gift for any Mario fan -- and for anyone who generally enjoys a challenging game of chess!


The Witcher Adventure Game

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $45.00

Buy it on: Amazon

Judging by the image above, this game has a lot of parts to it. Tokens, cards, dice, you name it!

This one is more of an original than a spin-off of a pre-existing board game. The game is for two to four players, each having to complete quests, go on adventures, overcome challenges and much, much more. It's kind of like the video game itself!

This is a must get for any fan of The Witcher series, be it the novels, the video game franchise, or the recently released Witcher 3


Pokemon Yahtzee Jr.

Rating: 5/5

Price: $44.95

Buy it on: Amazon

The game of Yahtzee has taken an interesting turn -- Pokemon!

If you ever played Yahtzee, this is a fun gift to get. Even if the person never played Yahtzee before, but loves Pokemon, this will be an excellent gift!

As far as the game goes, all the rules are the same, except there are Pokemon instead!

MONOPOLY: The Legend of Zelda

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $27.99

Buy it on: Amazon

What happens when you combine an iconic video game series and an iconic board game? The answer is quite obvious.

This Monopoly board game is themed after The Legend of Zelda. All rules and such are the same, except the land is designed after all places Link visited throughout his journey!

If they like Monopoly and/or the love The Legend of Zelda, this will be the ideal gift this holiday season. 


DOOM Board Game

Rating: Not Available

Price: $67.99

Buy it on: Miniature Market (PRE ORDER)

The classic FPS has turned into a board game! For two to five players, one player is the bad guy while the rest are the good guys. To defeat the bad guy, other players have to complete different missions, challenges and whatever else this board game pits them against.

If you are willing to get this board game as a gift for a friend this holiday season, make sure that you have plenty of time to play, since each session lasts 120 to 180 minutes!

Set to release by December, let's just hope this table-top releases before the holiday season.

Published Nov. 19th 2016


Long time gamer (15 years+). Most favorite title is either Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. Prefer single player games to multiplayer games, but occasionally play them as well. Proud owner of N64 and Nintendo SNES.


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