DayZ Creator Dean Hall Announces Formation of New Indie Studio Rocketwerkz

DayZ's creator announces on Twitter he's left Bohemia Interactive to head a new, NZ-based indie studio called Rocketwerkz.

The zombies of DayZ are getting a change in management.

Dean Hall, the mastermind behind the zombie survival horror mod, has left Bohemia Games to start his own indie studio in Dunedin, New Zealand.

While this decision was a few months in the making, Hall has made it clear that he's looking to develop the standalone version of DayZ and other games as part of a smaller, more-focused development team.

On his Twitter page, Hall put out a notice for interested programmers and artists for Rocketwerkz. 

New Zealand news outlet Stuff is reporting that Rocketwerkz has posted two jobs on TradeMe, one of the country's largest online job boards. The posts are for a "Video Game Developer" and "Video Game Artist."

Hall had worked at Bohemia Interactive, the Czech developer of DayZ's source game ArmA 2, since August 2012. In those two years he's led a team to develop a standalone DayZ game, which is still in Early Access alpha in the Steam store. 

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Published Dec. 15th 2014

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