The 10 Best (And Worst) Mega Man Robot Masters

Heat Man

Design: 6/10

Attack Pattern: 4/10

Coolness Factor: 9/10


This is one of those rare moments when you can actually tell what a robot master is based on; and in this case that would be a zippo lighter. He's simple, has a streamlined shape and the use of warm colours is nice, with the slick red and contrasting yellow.

Unfortunately, as much as I like his design the battle was somewhat of a letdown. He doesn't do a whole lot, except Flame On and charge toward you rather sluggishly -- or shoot a few fireballs at you with the same lethargic attitude. The laziness in his eyes seems to reflect his neglected AI and in a big way can be traced back to the developers. Working on Heat Man must have been a Friday job while everyone was rushing to get out of the office.

I had to give Heat Man top marks here because well, look at him. He's like the Human Torch if he were bored to tears and having a really bad day. Having all that power and being completely indifferent -- that makes him alright in my book. Just don't try to light your cigarettes with him. A 12,000 degree zippo is a bit of an overkill.

Published Dec. 1st 2016

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