Black Desert Online's Character Creator now free for download

Black Desert Online's incredible character creator is now free for download. Give it a try!

A couple years ago, a Korean game developer announced a brand new MMO called Black Desert Online. It really caught people's attention because the character creation tool was so in depth and unlike anything else at the time. While games have since caught up - Dragon Age Inquisition's or EVE Online's deep character creation options for example - this particular tool is still among the best we've seen.

After playing around with the creation system for a while, I've found it to be quite impressive. You really can do whatever you want while creating your character, whether you want to make the best or worst looking person you can. Body proportions are yours to change and you can even edit your character's default pose, but there is one thing that kind of stinks. 

You can't pick a gender.

I mean, technically you can, but gender is tied to what class you want to play. For instance, warriors are only males while rangers are only females. I'm not sure if this will be a permanent feature in the final game, but it is disappointing. 

Despite this just being a method of enticing people into buying their game when it's released, it is still quite fun as is. The sheer amount of options had me spending at least an hour working on one character, and as soon as I was done, I couldn't help but start up a second. 

I urge you all to go ahead and give it a try and if you want you can even share your characters with us, we don't mind.


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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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