Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Roof

How to build a roof and complete your shelter in Sons of the Forest.

You've surely dealt with enemies climbing trees in Sons of the Forest, and they'll do just the same to get into your shelter if you don't have a roof. You don't need a lot to make one, but you do have to put the effort towards building it. Here's how to make a roof for the good of your base in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Build a Roof in Sons of the Forest

First, gather logs if you don’t have any stored for building. Assuming you’ve built a floor and walls already, you’ll first want to put a log down for support in locations that are wider than one log apart.

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From here, it’s similar to building a floor above you. You’ll make the frame of four logs with support logs at the corners as needed.

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Then, you’ll use planks to fill in the frame. It will take five planks, and the way that you need to position the camera to place the last one can be tricky. In those cases, you’ll need to just shift around until the dotted arrow appears for placing the plank.

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Repeat this until you have a roof over your head. With that, you’ll have a shelter to help protect yourself against enemies, especially those who like to climb and jump at you. Now that we've gotten how to build a roof out of the way, check out our other Sons of the Forest guides such as how to heal and how to get the stun baton.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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