Fortnite Shrines Location Guide

Battle Royale treasure shrines have arrived in celebration of the Lunar New Year and post-Valentine's Day Fortnite festivities! Find them all with the tips in this guide!

As usual, new limited time locations and events have been added again to Fortnite's unstoppable Battle Royale mode -- this time in celebration of the Lunar New Year. We can finally switch away from the Valentine's Day Cupid skins and move on to samurai swords and oriental buildings!

Besides the expected new skins, the latest Fortnite Battle Royal update brings two major additions. First up are the impulse grenades, which are more about re-positioning players than actually killing them, and that can be quite useful against a squad that is working together as a team.

You can even use the randomly found impulse grenades on yourself to quickly get out of sticky situations (like being stuck in an attic frantically trying to throw up new walls while someone unleashes a hail of unending bullets with the minigun).

Next up are the Fortnite treasure shrines, which give you new locations to reliably find loot and get geared up for taking down the opposition. If you've gotten tired of all the usual gold chest locations, these spots add in new possibilities for grabbing weapons, ammo, and helpful items like chug jugs.

 Exploring the treasure shrine at the far south of Fatal Fields Exploring the treasure shrine at the far south of Fatal Fields

Fortnite Battle Royale Shrine Locations

There are seven locations we've discovered so far where treasure shrines appear, and each treasure shrine will randomly have between one and three chests. Sometimes ammo boxes may spawn randomly inside the shrines as well.

Finding three gold chests all in one spot gives you a huge advantage, especially if you land on a shrine immediately out of the bus -- and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a weapon load out you like.

When exploring a shrine, be sure to check the attics (breaking through the roofs if you glided in from above), the main floors, and the basements (by breaking the floors) as sometimes the chests don't spawn directly inside the main floor of the shrines.

These are all the treasure shrine locations we've managed to find so far:

  • Halfway between Anarchy Acres and Wailing Woods (east of the bridge near Anarchy Acres)
  • Northwest of Pleasant Park on the way to Anarchy Acres (just north of the main path)
  • Southwest of Tomato Town near the river leading to Loot Lake
  • Immediately west of Lonely Lodge and south of Wailing Woods
  • Southeast of Tilted Towers (to the east of the river leading away from Loot Lake)
  • Northeast of Fatal Fields and northwest of Moisty Mire (to the east of the complex of buildings in Moisty Mire)
  • At the far south end of the map, southeast of Flush Factory and to the east of the river

That far south shrine, in particular ,is quite a bit out of the way, and just getting there before the storm rolls in can be a major challenge. On the plus side, you are likely to make top 50 just by staying out of everyone's way hoofing it all the way across the map!

A full list of all Battle Royale treasure shrine locations can also be seen below. Each shrine's exact location is marked by the red circle inside a square. Try landing on whichever shrine is closest to you straight away from the bus, and these are likely to get looted very fast by whoever lands first.

 Fortnite Treasure Shrine Locations 
Fortnite Treasure Shrine Locations

Those are all the Fortnite shrines we've spotted so far in our matches, but due to the highly randomized nature of loot in this game, it is possible others can exist.

Drop us a comment if you've found any others, and then jump into the rest of our Fortnite guides here:

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Published Feb. 16th 2018

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