Expeditions: Rome — How to Recruit All Companions

Here's when you'll be able to recruit all of the companions in Expeditions: Rome.

You won't have to go at it alone when playing Expeditions: Rome. That's because you'll meet and recruit companions along your travels. These companions will, in turn, allow you to form a versatile squad to take on the challenges that await you in the campaign. 

This Expeditions: Rome guide tells you when you'll be able to recruit each companion, as well as what each compatriot brings to the wartable. 

Before we take a look at each companion, it's important to know a few things about companion loyalty and their interactions. Your companions in Expeditions: Rome are vastly different compared to the generic legionnaires that you can recruit:

  • There are companion sidequests associated with them.
  • Many of them are often required to complete important story missions.
  • Their opinion of the main character mostly affects their morale at the start of battles. Due to being integral to the story, they won't leave your party due to relationship drops.
  • There are ways to start a romance with companions in Expeditions: Rome.

All Companions and Their Classes in Expeditions: Rome

Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus (Princeps) 

Caeso is one of your character's most loyal friends. As a fellow soldier, you can recruit him from the start of the game onwards. He is a Princeps, which means he can equip shields and heavy armor, perfect for a tanking role. You can learn more in our Princeps class and best skills guide.

Syneros (Triarius)

Similar to Caeso, Syneros will be with you once you start the campaign. Syneros is a Triarius, allowing him to equip staves and use support skills. Moreover, one of his unarmed skills called Soothe Pain acts as a healing ability.

You can learn more in our Triarius class and best skills guide, as well as our healing and reviving guide. Lastly, you can obtain the Physician perk for Syneros by completing the Olympian sidequest.

Bestia Tabat (Veles)

Bestia is a gladiator who seems to be at odds with your group when Expeditions: Rome begins. Still, he does join you during your initial battle. As a Veles, Bestia can wield two weapons (with a dagger in his off-hand). This lets him strike foes with deadly combos. You can learn more in our Veles class and best skills guide.

Julia Calida (Sagittarius)

When you reach Mytilene early in Expeditions: Rome, you'll meet a spy named Julius. Eventually, she'll reveal that she wants to join the fight against the enemy, and you can recruit her.

Julia is a Sagittarius, which means she's very optimistic and would probably prefer a Leo an archer who can shoot foes from across the entire map. You can learn more in our Sagittarius class and best skills guide.

Deianeira (Princeps)

You won't encounter or be able to recruit Deianeira until you've progressed further in Mytilene during the first act. Eventually, you'll be asked to go to the Gladiator School in Thrace. There, Bestia will free Deianeira and her fellow fighters.

Deianeira is similar to Caeso in that she's a Princeps. However, we've yet to confirm if this was due to our main character being a Princeps as well, or if this is set in stone by default regardless of the class that you choose.

And those are all of the companions and when your can recruit them in Expeditions: Rome. For more guides, consider heading over to our Expeditions: Rome tips page for much more!


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Published Jan. 18th 2022

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