FFXIV Heavensward: The Vault Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know to clear The Vault

The Vault is the fourth dungeon of the Heavensward expansion. This dungeon is unlocked at level 57. While the mechanics are mostly pretty simple, the trash pulls are very painful. In this guide, I'll cover all the boss mechanics so that you're not caught unaware in the dungeon.

Trash Pulls

Just a bit of a warning, the trash pulls in The Vault are a bit tricky. Even when using your common mitigation skills, it's easy to get overwhelmed. The reason for this is many of the pulls are larger groups of enemies. These enemies hit hard regardless of being in large groups, so be prepared.

Ser Adelphel Brightblade

There are two phases to this fight. Phase one is similar to any of the trash pulls up to this point, with the adds he spawns with being some of the enemies you fought on the way. Phase two starts once the boss reaches 25% health, this is the real boss battle.


  • Fast Blade: A basic Gladiator/Paladin skill, does moderate damage.
  • Bloodstain: A circle AoE centered on the boss.
  • Advent: A minor damage knockback. This signals the change to phase 2.
  • Holiest of Holy: A room wide AoE that deals moderate damage.
  • Heavenly Slash: A high damage attack that looks to be a frontal cleave.
  • Holy Shield Bash: Adelphel charges at a random target stunning them and applying Down For The Count. He then combos it into another attack.
  • Brightsphere: Adelphel will start dashing around the room spawning Brightspheres, which explode on a time delay. Try to find a barren corner during this. He finishes this attack by targeting a person and jumping to them.

Ser Grinnaux the Bull

I'm sure you recognize the name of the second boss, as you fight him earlier in the story. This fight starts out similarly to the first boss, in that Ginnaux appears in normal form first.


  • Overpower: A moderate damage attack, that appears to be a frontal cleave.
  • Rive: A straight line AoE attack, targeted at a random player.
  • Advent: A minor damage knockback used at 50% Grinnaux transitions into his empowered form at this point.
  • Dimensional Collapse: A uniquely telegraphed AoE, just move to a safe spot.
  • Heavy Swing: A high damage frontal cleave.
  • Hyperdimensional Slash: An empowered version of Rive that leaves a large Aetherial Tear at the wall of the arena. Getting too close to these will cause them to attach a tether to you, and you'll take damage and receive a stacking vulnerability up debuff while tethered. Move away to break the tether.
  • Faith Unmoving: A room wide AoE knockback.
  • Dimensional Rift: This places an AoE circle on the ground. Stepping in this circle causes it to explode dealing damage.

Ser Charibert:

Unlike the previous two bosses, Charibert starts out in his empowered form. This fight is healer intensive, Charibert deals a lot of magic damage in quick succession. Even as a Dark Knight using the Dark Mind buff, this boss does considerable damage. You will win or lose this fight based on the skill of the healer.


  • Altar Candle: A heavy single target magic attack.
  • Heavensflame: Places a fire circle under each player. Move out of them before Charibert finishes his cast.
  • Holy Chain: Chains two players together. Moving apart breaks the chain. As for what happens while the chain is attached I don't know.
  • Positioning Mechanic: White and Black Knight enemies walk across the room, move to the gaps in their line to avoid taking damage. In phase 2 a second line follows shortly after the first.
  • Altar Pyre: a room wide AoE attack dealing moderate damage.
  • Holy Flame: At 50% Charibert will disappear, and then reappear in the center of the room. He'll spawn a White Knight and a Black Knight that use a straight line AoE attack. Holy Flame orbs also spawn around the room, you must kill these as quickly as possible. They don't have much HP so it shouldn't be too difficult. As Charibert finishes or the last orb dies, you'll be hit by Pure of Heart.
  • Pure of Heart: A room wide AoE. Enters "Phase 2" After this attack.
  • Sacred Flame: A room wide AoE that seems to be based on whether you killed the Holy Flame orbs before Pure of Heart went off.

That wraps up everything you need to clear The Vault. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them down below. For more new content guides, be sure to check out my Heavensward guide list.

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