FFXIV Heavensward Guide List

Your one stop shop for all of my FFXIV Heavensward guides.

The new expansion officially launched this past Tuesday for Final Fantasy XIV. Here you can find all of my guide content for Heavensward. As new content is posted, a link will be added to the guide for ease of use. If you're just getting started in Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to check out my A Realm Reborn directory.


This is where you'll find all my dungeon guides for Heavensward. As I cover new dungeons, I'll add a link here.

Primal Fights and other Trials:

Here I'll add anything that qualifies as a Trial, including Primal fights.

As I experience more content and create new guides these lists will expand. If you have any specific guides you'd like me to cover please leave them in the comments section below. Keep in mind that the speed in which I get guides out is based on my ability to clear the content.

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Published Jul. 13th 2015

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