FFXIV Heavensward Dusk Vigil Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know for a successful clear of Dusk Vigil.

Dusk Vigil, is the first new dungeon in the Heavensward expansion. In order to complete all Aether Currents for Coerthas Western Highlands, you'll need to complete the Dusk Vigil quest. Please keep in mind that enemies in this dungeon hit a lot harder than you'd expect.

Towering Oliphant:

This is the first boss you encounter in Dusk Vigil. As far as I can tell, Rear is the only controllable mechanic in this fight. Otherwise, it's a simple tank and spank.


  • Rear: This is the only avoidable attack in this fight. The boss will do a circle AoE centered on him that deals moderate damage to players hit by it.
  • Trunk Tawse: A frontal cleave attack dealing moderate damage to those hit.
  • Prehistoric Trumpet: A room wide AoE that deals moderate damage.
  • Down For The Count: A targeted debuff that leads into Wooly Inspiration or Rout, Wooly Inspiration seems to be the more frequent chain though. This debuff incapacitates the target preventing them from performing actions or moving for the duration. 
  • Wooly Inspiration: This is a wide conal AoE pull that is targeted on the individual inflicted with Down For The Count. The boss will pull in players in the AoE range and stun them, and finish the attack by knocking the effected players across the room. This attack seems to do negligible damage and never seems to target the player with aggro. Can lead into Rout. The knockback of Wooly Inspiration also re-applies Down For The Count, and has a wider area of effect than the pull in.
  • Rout: This move can follow Wooly Inspiration and the Down For The Count debuff, it is a straight-line charge AoE. This attack does a considerable amount of damage, so healers should drop some quick heals on a low health player targeted by this attack.

Ser Yuhelmeric:

Ser Yuhelmeric is the second boss of Dusk Vigil. In this fight, it's more about add control than anything else. Be sure the tank manages add aggro properly. The adds seem to have different abilities based on their type, mages use AoE magic abilities, and knights use a large conal attack. For more details on this, refer to the video as I didn't get a chance to see what these attacks are called or do.


  • Skullsplinter: A moderate damage frontal attack, unsure if this attack is a cleave or not.
  • Tumulus: A circle AoE centered on the boss.
  • Brain Drain: A room wide AoE that revives random bodies on the ground.
  • Death Spiral: A room wide AoE with a safe zone centered on the boss.
  • Lifeless wind: The boss used this around 50% but I didn't get to see what it did as I was focused on picking up adds during it.
  • Hell Slash: A moderate damage knockback.


This is the final boss of Dusk Vigil. Opinicus uses a mechanic similar but different to Garuda's pillar mechanic, using the rubble. Be sure to keep an eye out for the closest pile of rubble to your current position throughout the fight. The real danger of this fight comes from the stacking wind resistance down debuff from Whirling Gaol and Winds of Winter. The debuff was the cause of our Monk's death in the video, granted he ate every Whirling Gaol.


  • Golden Talons: A frontal attack that deals moderate damage. Again unsure if this is a cleave or a single target attack.
  • Alpine Draft: A straight line AoE attack.
  • Freefall: This is a single target attack that appears to do only minor damage.
  • Whirling Gaol: This is the attack that requires the rubble that is located around the room. A gray circle is placed in the center of the room. Players will be pulled to the center of the circle, to avoid this hide behind the rubble. Those caught in the center will be immobilized and thrown into the air when the attack ends. You will also receive a wind resistance down debuff upon landing. Throughout the fight more rubble will fall, and will damage you if you're in the area where it falls.
  • Winds of Winter: A room wide AoE that applies the wind resistance down debuff. It appears that you might be able to avoid this attack using the rubble as well.

That should be everything you need to know to clear Dusk Vigil successfully. Please leave any comments, questions or concerns down below and I'll try to get back to you in a timely manner. Be on the lookout for more guides in the near future by checking my FFXIV Heavensward guide list.

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