Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Ranger Build Guide

Become the ultimate sniper assassin with our best Ranger build guide for Baldur's Gate 3.

gloomstalker ranger in baldur's gate 3
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Rangers are masters of death from a distance, and this build seeks to utilize that through stealth and ambushes. Surprising our foes will be our priority while eliminating key targets in the first and second rounds leaving clean-up to our allies. Here’s my best Ranger build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Make the Best Ranger Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

As I mentioned, this Ranger build will rely on ranged attacks from Stealth, thus securing extra attacks for our Ranger through a Surprise attack. The important choices we’ll be discussing later are:

  • Race: Githyanki, Wood Elf, or Drow.
  • Subclass & Multiclassing: Gloom Stalker/Assassin.
  • Feats: Sharpshooter and Alert.
  • Gear: Gontr Mael or Dead Shot for the Longbow’s long range or dual-wield Hand Crossbows like the Hellfire one for an extra Bonus Action attack. I would also highly recommend combining the Hunter’s Mark spell with the Circlet of Hunting from Araj and perhaps even the Risky Ring as that’ll essentially ignore the Sharpshooter penalty. Additionally, pick up the Cloak of Displacement, Armor of Agility, Legacy of the Masters, and Disintegrating Night Walkers. We’ll also have special arrow options from Assassin.

As for Ability Scores, we want to maximize our Dexterity first, then Wisdom for a decent spellsave DC, and finally Constitution. No matter which race you pick, put that +2 into Dexterity for a 17 and +1 into Wisdom for a 16. We don’t need Strength since we’ll be using Jump or the Githyanki’s movement abilities for mobility.

As for base Ranger features, there are three important choices:

  • Fighting Style: Archery to offset the penalty from our Sharpshooter feat later.
  • Favored Enemy: Bounty Hunter for advantage on Ensaring Strike.
  • Spells: Hunter’s Mark for damage on bosses, Ensnaring Strike for lockdown, Enhance Leap for Mobility, Pass Without Trace for ambushes, and then pick your favorites.

Combine this build with a strong vanguard that will separate you from the enemies. I recommend my Karlach, Lae’Zel, and tanky Shadowheart builds for the rest of your party, as per your preference. Let’s now discuss the rest of our choices, as well as strategies.

gloomstalker ranger in baldur's gate 3
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Best Ranger Race in BG3

I would suggest the following race choices due to the mobility and utility spell options they offer:

  • Githyanki: Offers excellent mobility options with Jump and Misty Step.
  • Wood Elf: Extra movement coupled with free Stealth and Perception proficiency to avoid ambushes since we want to be the ambusher.
  • Drow: Besides Superior Darkvision we’re here for the Faerie Fire spell, which will grant us Advantage on attacks heavily synergizing with Sharpshooter.

Whatever you do, I wouldn’t recommend picking up small races with movement penalties on Ranger. Our goal will be positioning for the perfect Surprise round so we need all the movement we can get.

Best Ranger Subclass and Feats

We arrive at our crucial choice, which is the Gloom Stalker subclass. Dread Ambusher is our bread and butter here, as it will grant us an Initiative bonus so we can go first in surprise rounds. We ensure surprise rounds with the Pass Without a Trace spell and our high Stealth skill.

We can then position well with the Jump to have a full view of key enemy targets like Mages, Healers, or Bosses. From here, Dread Ambusher also gives us an extra empowered attack to use in the first round.

dread ambusher ability tooltip from the gloom stalker ranger subclass in baldur's gate 3
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Combine this with the Sharpshooter feat at Level 4, which gives us +10 damage on each attack. We’re making three high-damage attacks on the first round at Level 5 with multiattack. The penalty from the feat will be reduced by our Advantage thanks to Stealth, as well as the Archery fighting style and our gear choices. Pop Hunter’s Mark for more damage or Faerie Fire if you’re Drow to offset the Sharpshooter penalty.

Progress through Ranger up to Level 8 and pick up a Dexterity score increase or the Alert feat for extra Initiative. I recommend getting Auntie Ethel’s Scalp for another Dexterity bump. From here, we can multiclass into Rogue for the next four levels, which will get us a third feat to pick up what’s left from Level 8.

We do this because of the Assassin subclass at Rogue Level 3 (Or Level 11 for us overall). This subclass greatly synergizes with our sniper playstyle by making all of our attacks guaranteed critical hits on surprised targets who haven’t had their turn yet in combat.

This is devastating, especially when you consider we’re also getting that Sneak Attack increase. Focus fire the boss with this setup and the rest of the fight swings in your favor. Sneak Attack will proc on enemies we’re hidden from or if you charge your Karlach or Lae’Zel up to them.

This concludes my best Ranger build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Check out more of our BG3 guides like my best builds and classes for Honour mode.

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