The 15 Best Star Wars Games for All You Nostalgia Nerds

14. Star Wars: Dark Forces (1996)

This was the first 3D-action game in the Star Wars series for PlayStation 1. It offered 14 huge and well varied missions that took you on the surface of the ice planets, inside the alien mansions, and onto the very bottom of the sewers.

You played as a Kyle Katarn -- a former Empire soldier who turned into a rebel. Dark Forces took you on a journey to find the plans of the Death Star and then destroy it. Apart from the great story, this early Star Wars game had a huge arsenal of weapons, such as laser shotguns, ion blasters, mortars, etc.

In the times when DOOM was the lord of all first-person shooters, Dark Forces managed to take all the best features of the genre and improve upon them. Even today many fans consider it superior to DOOM.

Published Jan. 4th 2017

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