Moon Prism Power! Wait...Not enough fan hype?

Looking to fulfill your Sailor Moon addiction? Well it might have to wait some more...

Sailor Moon has sparked up some interest in the video game world. Bandai has made it clear to US fans that there isn't enough fan hype to make a video game due to other running anime series.

Back in April, Tak Miyazoe, senior manager at Bandai, stated that they would like to bring a new Sailor Moon game to the West, but want to make sure that enough fans would be interested in buying it. Meaning that they have to look into what the audience is mainly focusing on, such as the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series, the manga and other merchandise being produced. Other videos games such as Naruto and One Piece have already been announced this year, but what about Sailor Moon?

The last video game was released based on the popular series was called the La Luna Splende for the Nintendo DS back in 2011 created by Namco Bandai Europe, but it never left anywhere outside of Italy. Another one of the more classic video games produced was the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon created by Gazelle/Banpresto in 1995. 


Below is some more insight on how the arcade Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon arcade game is like. If you can find one of these, then that means you've found one of few arcade games still left. Do you think Bandai should make a new Sailor Moon video game? 

Published Aug. 11th 2015

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