6 Most Ridiculously Expensive PUBG Items

Here are six of the priciest in-game items in PUBG, including one of the most expensive pairs of shoes you'll ever see available in a game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has hopped on the crate-and-key bandwagon via the Steam Community market, with players selling (and buying) rare in-game costumes and other cosmetics for ludicrous prices. Each key to open the crates cost $2.50 as it is. It's a pretty lucrative business if you ask me.

However, just because a price is named on the site does not mean that buyers cannot state a price of their own -- and successfully, too. 

Here are the top six most expensive PUBG items you won't find at your local Target. (Note: prices are listed in US dollars and fluctuate regularly)

6. Red Hi-top Trainers: $380.31

Not sure if they're this valuable because they're red or because they're high tops, but Chuck Taylors are suddenly dollar-store material compared to these kicks. While they look great, why and how some players are willing to pay this much for a single item (which is usually barely noticeable in retrospect) is pretty much beyond me.

5. School Skirt: $461.55 

Apparently, the blander the clothes in this dystopian universe, the better. Urban Outfitters hasn't seen the likes of this muddy-hemmed beauty, selling for more than your grandmother's heirloom jewelry. Perhaps the shortness of the skirt offers a great deal of sex appeal, or maybe its run down but minimalist appearance entices players, but either way, this is probably the most expensive skirt I've ever seen.

4. PlayerUnknown's Trenchcoat - $485.24

Can't lie and say this trenchcoat is not epic apparel for a Battle Royale theme, and it comes close to prices some celebrities might pay for a typical trenchcoat, but come on ... really? Players wanting to bear a resemblance to the popular figure of the game would probably purchase this, or it could be just to seek protection from a rainstorm, who is to know?

3. PlayerUnknown's Bandana - $805.00

The day a single bandana is worth more than a trenchcoat is probably not a day I want to see. However, the overwhelming amount of players willing to purchase this item is simply ridiculous. Perhaps the air of mystery and secrecy suits some, while for others it's the uncanny resemblance to Mr. Unknown.

2. Female Uniform Sets - ranging from $784-830 

I think it's safe to say that female clothing, both in the real world and in PUBG, costs more than it should. Mimicking the classic private schoolgirl look, it also appears that this skin is a fan favorite. This set comes in three different colors and slightly different designs: black, ivory, and blue, with prices varying dramatically between each color. 

1. PlayerUnknown Costume Set - $1,800

This mysterious set is meant to make you look like Mr. Unknown himself, who is clearly something of a celebrity around these parts. Originally sold for $40 during its pre-order season, this set currently sells for nearly $2,000 dollars for no reasonable explanation.


Suffice it to say that a majority of the Steam Community probably can't get access to these items, but these prices are just a laughable joke to admire from a distance. 

What do you think of this list? Could it get any worse than this? Comment with your thoughts below.



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Published Feb. 23rd 2018

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