My Top 7 Video Game Soundtracks

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Composers: Jeremy Soule, Julian Soule

Hands up who saw this coming!

While Skyrim had a fantastic soundtrack, I feel that Oblivion takes the sweet roll in almost every way!

The story of Oblivion's soundtrack is an interesting one. Composer Jeremy Soule had been in a car accident, while he escaped unscathed, he has said that it had a profound experience on Oblivion's soundtrack, saying that he wanted 'to comment on the human condition and the beauty of life.'

There's definitely a sense of beauty and wonderment to the game's soundtrack, from the relaxing string compositions that you may hear while exploring a town, talking to the many NPCs you run into, to the eerie and slow compositions heard while exploring a dungeon, waiting for an enemy to jump out at you from a dark corner.

Soule has captured the essence of how an adventure should be, giving us a sense of potential safety when in a city and to be ready for anything once you step out those gates into the open world.

Published Jan. 4th 2017

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