The Burnt-Out Legion: 5 MMOs You Should Play if You Need a Break From World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft...if you've played the MMO genre at all, you can't help but know the game. You know its history. You know its success. 

You know that it's colorful. That it's smooth and polished, easy to pick up and extremely hard to put down. You know that it's been the king of the MMORPG hill almost since inception -- that it's constantly reinventing itself and adding fun, highly addictive content every expansion.

And you know (at least some of you, anyway) that despite all this, it's also getting a little stale.

We get it. All our legendary armor and super high gear scores are now worse than green items. We get a few new skills, and the grind begins again until we move over to PvP segments that continue a war which doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense anymore. Some of us are tired. Some of us are a little bored. Some of us, well...we're burnt out. 

If this is you, I have good news - there are other MMO games (new and old) that all offer something a little different than Illidan and friends. So come with me on a quick trip through 5 MMOs to play if you need a quick exit from the Legions of WoW. 

Published Oct. 16th 2016

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