Top 5 Jaw Dropping Horror Games for the PS4

The Evil Within

Not only is The Evil Within one of my favorite games, it has the most epic prologues you will ever play -- with it's fast paced running and suspenseful hiding.

The Evil Within has you trying to escape some of the most psychotic things you will only see in your nightmares. There are a lot of jump scares in this game but these are not the scariest things. That would be home compared to the constant fear that comes from thinking the killer is right next to you. The worst part is most of the time you have nothing to defend yourself against them.

If you have never played this game, and you want something scary and challenging, then I recommend this to you. It may cause you to have nightmares but you will enjoy The Evil Within.

One of the things that I noticed in this game was the scenery, because the details inside every little thing is amazing. While this revolves around a lot of organs and blood, whoever is playing The Evil Within will see that this amazing detail makes everything look alive.

Published Mar. 11th 2017

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