Top 5 Jaw Dropping Horror Games for the PS4

Until Dawn

Until Dawn has you making crazy choices that can affect the entire game. It has you making decisions like cutting your arm off, or trying to get out the bear trap while a psycho is trying to kill you -- better act fast if you want to survive.

The best part of this game is as you are doing everything so quickly, it adds a certain fear that none of these other games on this list have. Plus this game has a pretty cool story to it, and the killer in this game is pretty disturbing looking. Watching him coming after you makes you wanna bite your nails and start shivering.

The only thing is Until Dawn is kind of short. But if you're looking for a fun and scary game to pass some time, then this is the game for you.

The most enjoyable thing about until dawn is 'the' plot twist and the different kind of clues that you end up finding throughout the game. Until Dawn received many good reviews, and I am very happy I got the chance to play it.

Published Mar. 11th 2017

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