Words from the Wee Ones: An Interview with My Daughter

A child's view on her favorite video game.

Ideas and thoughts on gaming comes in all shapes and sizes, but most interviews are from those of us with a good bit of experience in the world of gaming. Parents, siblings, and friends are all great aspects to learn about the different facets of gaming ideals. But what does a child think? I interviewed my 8-year-old daughter to find out.

Me: What's your favorite game right now?

Daughter: Um... Lego Indiana Jones.

Me: What do you like about it?

Daughter: That you can jump really high and capture people with your whip.

(Author's note: I can totally vouch for her love of the second one because she loves taking the whip and wrapping it around her little sister's character and dragging her around the board to make her go where she wants her to go.)

Daughter: My next favorite game is Viva Pinata Party Animals. I like the races because I always win (to which my youngest pipes up, "I always lose!"). I always like being the girls (little one responds, "Me too"). I like the fun games.

Me: Have you learned anything playing video games?

Daughter: They're fun and you can have adventures at your house.

Me: What do you mean you can have adventures at your house?

Daughter: Like you don't have to go places to have fun. At your house, you can dress up and have fun, like have an adventure.

Me: And what game do you want to own next?

Daughter: That super hero video game we were watching on your computer, the Lego one.

Me: Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

Daughter: Yeah, that one! When's it going to come to the store?

Of course, we all know that video games are fun. It was her intuitive answer about expanding her imagination at home and having adventures stemming from video games that I hadn't thought about before.

What video games would you act out if you had your choice?

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Published Jul. 15th 2013
  • Cupcakecrisis
    Featured Contributor
    I remember acting out Kingdom Hearts a lot! That was the muse for a lot of my fan fiction back in the day.
  • Shoduran
    Lego Indiana Jones is boss. :D
    Also, as a kid, I often LARP'd Final Fantasy and SaGa Frontier games with my friends.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    I can't remember acting out video games, but movies, like my two faves Beauty & the Beast and The Wizard of Oz, were highly ranked.

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