Why Hitbox is still better than Twitch or YouTube Gaming

YouTube vs. Twitch? Honestly, I don't care. Hitbox has a smaller community but way better features. If only they cared enough to advertise. Also, GIFs.

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform in the world—for many, it's been the only. Since YouTube Gaming launched to rival it, it has once again opened the door to the usual questions that have been asked about it:

These are legitimate questions with lots of opinions and gray areas, but the one piece of the conversation that always seems to be left out is Hitbox.

That's right, there's been a sneaky alternative to Twitch all along. While the community numbers aren't anywhere close to Twitch's, so what? Hitbox has proven itself not to be a terrible Twitch clone, but a possible successor. It's a legitimate business that has done much more for the streaming community than Twitch or YouTube Gaming ever has.

How? Well,

  • More revenue opportunities
  • Limited delay and no bitrate limits
  • No cross-streaming restrictions
  • Less copyright problems and rules
  • Image, video, and GIF embedding
  • Built-in statistics tracking and social media posting

Better revenue opportunities

For one, Hitbox has revenue share open to anyone that streams and not exclusively for those who are partnered under confusing and strict rules. The media can talk all day and gawk about Twitch's "new rival," but Hitbox is a pleasant alternative for those who want to expand into a new market—whether it be for the tighter community or to grow an existing one. Through its system, Hitbox streamers need not worry about being forced to play eSports and "flavor of the month" titles for big viewers. Instead, they can focus on their niche while still having subscription options. Of course, a large following doesn't hurt either.

Limited delay and no bitrate limits

While Twitch remains the giant, both Hitbox and YouTube have better streaming quality options. Hitbox and YT have 1080p streaming at 60fps and HTML5 video player. However, Hitbox as of now does not have bitrate limits and has a whopping delay of 2 - 4 seconds. In fact, Hitbox streamers who have the tech can even stream at 4K 60fps. Why is that necessary? They believe in the theory that 4K will become the standard in a few years so want to stay ahead of the curve. Sure thing, Hitbox.

No cross-streaming restrictions

This speaks for itself. Perhaps down the line Hitbox will be bought out by another company and start throwing tantrums. But for now, those who participate in the Partner Program are not exclusive and free to stream as they wish.

Less copyright problems and rules

If you haven't heard of Twitch and YT's notoriously flawed copyright issues, good for you! But for the rest of us, it's been an annoying and consistent problem

From banning games for their in-game music to mixing up who even owns the rights to their own material, there have been some outrageous occurences.

After Amazon bought Twitch, some gamers were furious about them "selling out." While the changes haven't been as bad as predicted, there has been a rollout of new rules that have muted streamers' past videos in excessive amounts similar to YT.

In comparison, Hitbox is far less strict. Perhaps because it is a smaller platform that the company hasn't the need to roll out rules to protect themselves. Hitbox only removes VODs if they recieve a takedown notice, welcomes Adult Only content as long as it is not pornographic (or at least censored by the streamer!), and doesn't have the ridiculous clothing policy the Twitch community has begun abusing.

Image, video, and GIF embedding

Oh, come on. It's 2015 and you still can't embed images and GIFs in Twitch chat? Really?

Built-in statistics tracking and social media posting

What Twitch and YT have going for them are vibrant, intelligent communities who take matters into their own, nerdy hands. Gamers have created entire apps and websites dedicated to enhancing the stream experience. With Hitbox, there's less need for it in the first place.

Build-in (but easy-to-use) features Hitbox are:

  • Voting polls
  • Subscription notices
  • Automated "giveaway" questions
  • Advertisement tracking
  • Viewer analytics
  • Revenue analytics
  • Breakdown of viewership (subscribers, viewers, followers, mods, guests)
  • One-click social media alerts

Hitbox has even gone as far as to introduce a League of Legends Live Stats Widget, available as an option within the comforts of the chat.

In conclusion

So whatever, people can continue the game of YouTube vs. Twitch as long as its a hot topic. The only reason Hitbox isn't (yet) the top contender is because they haven't spent a dime on marketing and gamers don't know about it yet. But like 4K quality, it may very well become standard at the rate its going.

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Published Sep. 4th 2015
  • Anon_8544
    Better revenue opportunities: Thats quite better, but you can use donations under twitch? And this revenue is only benefital to streamers with already many followers or with many viewers on Hitbox.

    Limited delay and no bitrate limits: Because Twitch has so much traffic, they cant change that adhoc. The less delay is nice, but for gaming streamers on hitbox nearly unimportant. Since most dont look into chat every second, why should they, they play.

    No cross-streaming restrictions: Im not quite sure, but as far as i read most subscriber streamers say they arnt allowed to. But sure its nice if they dont restrict it.

    Less copyright problems and rules: Why shouldnt they allow it? Sure it would be nice but if someone sue them, it cost them money. Since the stremerr dont own the songs, its ok. So they are safe. And adult content is allowed too on twitch, only if its pornographic.

    Image, video, and GIF embedding: Thats something that is always debatable. since for me it makes the chat unusable. At least there is a "no image button".

    Built-in statistics tracking and social media posting: yes this is really nice apps.

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