The 8 Best Multiplayer Android Games

Spaceteam (Free, with in-app purchases)

Spaceteam might not only be one of the best multiplayer Android games I've ever played, it might be one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played in general. The gist is this: you and 3 friends are piloting a spacecraft, and instructions are sent to your phone telling you what to do, what knobs to turn, what levers to pull, what switches to switch.

The twist is that all players have different panels, so communication is key. Players must work together as a Spaceteam to ensure the ship's flight is smooth, and when the game adds in gameplay modifiers like replacing all the text with symbols, or flipping everything upside down, things can get pretty crazy.

Generally, Spaceteam sessions consist of 4 friends in the same room yelling things like "Flush the Grax Senneler" at each other for about 5 minutes. It's a great time. And hey, the in-app purchases aren't necessary either-- they just add cosmetic effects to the game and unlock various modifiers and extras. Definitely give this one a look.

Published May. 23rd 2016

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