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Jake Badlands - Rock n' Roll Racing

Before Blizzard Entertainment got its signature name, it was Silicon & Synapse - a game company founded by freshly graduated University of California students: Michael MorhaimeAllen Adham and Frank Pearce. While Blizzard has already released one of its old Silicon & Synapse trios - The Lost Vikings - they have completely looked over one of their classics: Rock n' Roll Racing's Jake Badlands.

Hailing from the distant planet of Xeno Prime, Jake Badlands raced against evil aliens while dodging laser fire in an attempt to win interstellar gold! His game also featured rock n' roll hits like Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and Deep Purple's "Highway Star". If that isn't enough to sell this character, his car was equipped with twin laser cannons, rockets, and a jet booster!

How he would play as a character in Heroes of the Storm is beyond me, but it would be great to see Blizzard acknowledge another of its old SNES hits.

Published Aug. 9th 2015

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