5 Blizzard heroes begging to enter the Nexus

Fenix - Starcraft: Brood War

A Protoss warrior from the original Starcraft game, Fenix is the first Protoss hero we encounter during the campaign mode. He is also a character with the third longest screen time, appearing in just about every single campaign after Episode III: The Fall, which focuses on the Protoss race. As a Zealot, Fenix was responsible for the defense of Aiur against the Zerg onslaught. However, after he was wounded in battle he was placed in a Dragoon Exoskeleton as a means of continuing his duty to his homeworld.

In Heroes of the Storm, Fenix would likely take the form of a Dragoon, seeing as Artanis already appears to be acting as a Zealot. As for his role, Fenix could take on the honor of being the game's first warrior-class hero with a ranged attack. His skills would be tricky to figure out, but maybe he could do something different by being a character with only passive buffs? It would certainly make sense lore-wise, and he would make a great hero for new players - just like he did for Starcraft players almost 18 years ago...

Published Aug. 9th 2015

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