The Sims 4: So Bad It Even Makes Demon Babies Cry

The Sims 4 upsets long-time fans and newcomers alike with missing features, horrible glitches, and typical EA tactics.

If you haven't been following the absolute debacle that is Electronic Arts' latest installment in the Sims franchise, you've likely missed the walrus that is The Sims 4 stumbling out onto the stage that is gaming and dancing the worst ballet ever before diving off the stage and into a repulsed audience's lap.

In short: this game has been terrible nearly since the day it was announced. But why?

Electronic Arts Is Still Trying to Get into Your Pants...Where You Keep Your Wallet

Back in July things were already off to a bad start with (business as usual for EA) when they announced a "Premium" edition of the then upcoming now released Sims 4. Among other things, this enhanced edition promised...pretty much nothing. Oh, wait, it's not that the premium edition gives you more, it's that the standard edition will have less.

Up All Night Digital Content because you'll need something to do while you're up all night crying over your wasted $80.

Yes, that's right. Fans for over 15 years willing to pay $20 extra would be treated to a truly unique, new Sims experience with better graphics and more features so would be almost like playing a brand new Sims game.

But wait, those same fans of over 15 years who can't quite afford to bump up to the "premium" experience have nothing to worry about. For just the low, low price of $60 - exactly the same cost of a brand new triple-A game - they can enjoy the experience of a reboot of The Sims 2 missing most of the features that made The Sims 3 good as well as a diminished graphical experience and none of the "premium" features.

I I see what you did there, Electronic Arts. "Limited" Edition. Witty. I'm seeing a pattern with this packaging art...

Seem a Yeah EA thought so, too, so they made a funny.

A Bad Live Stage Demo =/= A Good Game to Come

Yeah, this actually happened.

Dear EA, I know you don't really care about the people who play your games at all, but could you at least try? At least a little? Please?

At Gamescom this year, The Sims 4 revealed its first live demo on stage in front of hundreds of industry big shots, gamers, and developer colleagues. Naturally, when the pressure's that high to perform well, you'd expect a game to put its absolute best foot forward. Well... you'd be surprised:

So, between the utter ridiculousness of the game's premise - which, let's be honest is actually standard in Sims games - and the fact that most feel the game is at best "just another Sims game" after seeing this demo EA really did show them what-for at Gamescom.

Ah, but one bad demo isn't the end of the world, of course. There's always a chance for redemption with a witty, fun, interesting trailer, right?


...Yeah, no.

Well, if that doesn't work EA could always just be honest and forthright with prospective customers before just letting them go blind into buying this mess of a game, right? Surely EA wouldn't embargo the game for review outlets until after launch... Again, you'd be surprised.

...Seriously, EA? Seriously?

(Editor's Note: Confirmed. GameSkinny also reached out to EA for review codes of The Sims 4 and was given similar response.)

There are Games That *Seem* to Ignore Fans, Then There's This Game - Which Actually Does

As a developer, when the people you're supposed to be making a game for compile a large list of features missing from your upcoming game that they not only want to see but that were in the previous game in the franchise, would you maybe think about incorporating some of those features in the new game before launch?

Not if you're EA, you wouldn't.

Nevermind that your abomination-to-be has already been compared poorly to its predecessor, that your fans are leaving in droves due to your refusal to put desired features in a game you wouldn't even allow reviews of prior to it releasing, or that only a day after release the customers you've cheated have such nice things to say about your game as:

What the hell? I bought this being really excited about getting the next generation of Sims games, but it really just seems like a fancied up version of the Sims 2 with LESS features – Doctective. [0/10]


I can not believe how did they possibly manage to destroy an amazing franchise with this God awful game. Nothing, absolute NOTHING is good about this game. – BloodChronism [0/10]

Currently, the aggregated scores on Metacrtic leave the game at a dismal 4.2 out of 10.

It's just business as usual for EA, but there's at least one good thing about The Sims 4: the glitches are hilarious!

Why must you make the demon babies cry, EA? Why?

So let us know what you think. Were you as disappointed in The Sims 4 as I have been or can you redeem EA's latest failure and appease the demon babies?

Comment below and stick around on GameSkinny for when a challenger steps up to defend this trash in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy some more demon babies!

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Published Sep. 11th 2018
  • totally85
    I'm not surprised the game sucks. They never fixed all the issues for the sims 3. They just want money and I'm no longer giving it to them. Sims 3 is the last sims game for me and I've been playing for 12 years. I won't throw money at a company for them to ignore customers.
  • Jorgia_5126
    Major disappointment!! The Sims 4 is absolutely PATHETIC! Such a waste of money. I only wish that I purchased the disc version rather than download, at least then I could have sold it. I cannot believe how backwards this is. The Sims 3 was so much better!! I wish i had read reviews before purchasing. I didn't consider it because 3 was such an improvement on 2, I didn't think they could have such an epic fail and make a new game so much worse than number 2. Its a joke. So angry that I have wasted my money. I'm going back to the sims 3 and will never purchase another game again...
  • StuckinPA
    So what's the deal? I bought SIMS 4 at Christmas and by March and a few updates later the piece of junk software stops working? What is that about? Now my kid wants me to buy SIMS 3...why do I want to give EA more money?
  • Chibiche
    I can't believe this crap! In order to get stuff like makeup and pools (no joke) you have to BUY THE EXPANSION PACKS!! I'm so pissed. $60 on a game that won't let me do anything. It's the most furious I've ever been about a game since Silent Hill Origins. When I called EA and complained about why there weren't simple basic crap or even customizable hair they told me to keep an eye out for content in the expansion packs. They released the first expansion pack, what, 6 months after the launch of the base game? That's so uncool. I know game developers want to make money but they're putting basic stuff like POOLS AND MAKEUP in expansions so you have to pay an additional $40.00 to have it. I'm getting a refund and I am not buying it even when the expansions are all out. Into the Future for S3 is still $20 even after the release of S4 so I imagine that the shockingly overpriced sims 4 expansions will stay shockingly over priced well into the release of S5 or the collapse of the franchise. If they don't fix this I imagine this will be the last we see of the Sims.
  • Batmanisaginger
    Two days into the game and I'm so disappointed I'm currently reinstalling Sims 3
  • Audra_1234
    I wish I would have been able to read some reviews like this when I bought it. I was so disappointed. I have played the Sims series since the 1st one, and have always been a huge fan of them. That was until this one. The Sims 3 was such an advance in the Sims gaming experience, and I was super excited to see where they could take it from there. I didn't realize that we would be going backwards with it though. Everything about this game OTHER THAN the create a sim is complete crap. I would have been more happy if they would of just put the new create a sim in the sims 3 game, and called it good.
  • Kay Dale
    This game is simply horrible. I received it as a gift and have been miserable ever since. The glitches are numerous and the updates seem to bring nothing but new glitches. I have owned the other 3 and this one is the absolute worse. Heads need to roll.
  • PATTI_7889
  • The Bea
    This series is so bad that if anyone working on it and those that promoted it lost their jobs, I wouldn't be bothered by it. The only retribution I can get for this mess being released. EA/Maxis should be shamed of this work.
  • Fabienne Springstead
    I have paid $80.00 for the Deluxe version of this game; I have played it once or twice, and that was only to create some sims. I don't want to play it anymore or until they have bigger worlds and replace all the missing features that I love in the Sims 3 game. It was too late for me to return the game once I realized I didn't like it, since Origin had a 2 days only return policy. I am out $80.00 and back playing the Sims 3, which I enjoy more now that I have tried the Sims 4. I feel betrayed, and I doubt I will buy anything else from EA from now on. The only thing that helps is that I am not alone feeling that way.
  • Blair_9558
    EA does this shady crap because they know people are now cowards! Nobody stands up for anything anymore! All people do is stick their heads in the sand! So EA knows people will still buy this piece of crap!
  • Cosmoe_2670
    If I could go back to the day I pre-purchased this game and slap myself... I would.

    I was expecting Next Gen here... Yes there are a few cool features, but not being able to do re-colors on hair/cloths/furniture... no pools... just wow!! These were basic expectations.

    If the loading screens help keep it running as smoothly as it is then I don't mind them too much... but we don't get cars either? I mean hell that's an important decoration for the drive way if nothing else.

    Only thing I personally love about this... is the no toddlers :) I know many people hate that... but those little things were just a pain anyway lol.
  • NikkiHitze
    I completely agree with all the negativity that the Sims 4 has been receiving, especially in this article. For someone who has been a fan of The Sims franchise for a long time, and completely willing to purchase all those pesky expansion packs, I'm disappointed. I've been playing the game for over a week, and I've found myself getting bored quickly. I bought it accepting the fact that it might not be perfect, that expansions are to come, but the things that are missing from the base game is so shocking, I can't even believe EA would release it like it is. It's like I was given a copy of their idea, rather than the full game.

    The redeeming qualities, however, keep me playing. I am not so sure if it's me trying to justify having spent nearly $80 on the deluxe edition from Origin, or if these qualities are redeeming enough to see if expansions are worth it. First of all, the game moves quite fluidly. Yes, there's always a loading screen when moving about town, but it loads much quicker than many of the loading screens from TS3. Even the main loading screen is fast. (You can also skip the intro stuff, which I always find to be a nice feature).

    Build Mode and Buy Mode are all in the same mode, which makes for an easier time when building a house, since you don't have to switch between modes. You can also creates rooms by whole-made pre-sets. It's convenient if you don't want to go through all the work, or you simply want to add to the house. You can drag to change the size of a room completely without messing with dimensions or individual dry wall.

    I've not experienced any crashes, the game seems to run very well on my rig. The Sims themselves seemed to have lost out on detail, but their interactions are fun. They can multitask, which makes Sim interaction so much more convenient. There's more to do for jobs, as you have tasks on a check list to get promoted, as well as daily tasks to help with performance.

    The game certainly adds a lot to Sim interaction, and I'd have to say that it's the best part. I've found myself laughing at their social behavior or bad moods. I was surprised to find my Sim sobbing in his sleep when he went to bed upset. It seems to take longer to make friends, but their interactions are interesting enough to watch, and they can get into group conversations, so that adds to your Sim's chances at making friends.

    In the end, it doesn't save TS4 from the fact that I'm disappointed. There's so much from the previous game, I wish that I could do. Losing the color wheel and patterns has to be the biggest blow to me, and die hard fans. I was too stubborn to take it back, and I'm not sure I'm willing enough to give an expansion a chance. Really, I think EA needs a patch. Lots of patches. Because, in the end, I paid a lot of money for a skeleton of a game. Great features for ease of game play does not excuse the fact that this game has been robbed of all of it's best and most basic features.

    That's my long-winded opinion, anyway.
  • karina_7670
    OMG this game is terrible. it's the worst version of the sims 2.... they can't go back and make as forget all the addition stuff from the sims 3.... te rri ble . i wasted 44 dolars away
  • marymert
    There wont be a sims 5 if they don't get their crap together. They already failed miserably at Sim City and still haven't fixed any pf the problems in over a year except for one patch. (which is why I haven't bought the most recent Sim City)

    I am so, so disappointed in the new Sims 4 game overall. The only thing I like is the new building options and how the scenery/neighborhood looks. Otherwise the furniture looks the same, the sims really in game play still look the same... except we have less detail (the eyes still look crappy and now the lips don't even have texture?), and now we cannot even customize clothing and objects like TS3. It's like 10 steps forward, 30 steps back every time there is a new game release, really those things like pools and being able to customize furniture and clothe s should be INCLUDED in the base game.

    It's so ridiculous, they know we are all basically addicts when it comes to the Sims and are willing to buy half finished product, and they know we are all bored already with the empty base game and will be foaming at the mouth for expansion packs just to make it playable.

    Even my 13 and 9 yr olds are bored with the game already and have gone back to playing TS3. I alone have spent thousands of dollars on this franchise... I am ashamed to admit I own everything in the TS3 store and every ex pack. I hate to sound entitled but I believe we- being the people who have made the game a success, and have made them millionaires- ARE entitled to MORE than this lack luster excuse. It's certainly not worth the 70.00 I paid for it. I would have returned the game within the 24 hr period only I thought my daughters would have been very upset, turns out they wouldn't have been upset at all.
  • Tom Octopus
    EA Share Price (last checked Sep. 12 NASDAQ approx 23:53GMT) was down 2.7%, and the trend line appears to show no signs of stopping soon...

    Have these greedy idiots finally pissed too many people off?
  • EASBITCH_2287
    Anyone who says this game is good are rather sucking EAs d**k or just have never played a sims game or a any game for that matter. I can't wait to spend 40 odd quid on 'toddlers expansion pack!' Or 'pools expansion pack'. What a load of bull. If you're thinking of buying, don't. Waste of money.
  • DemonicSkies
    Haven't gotten around to the demo yet, but from what it looks like, we're almost back to Sims 1. Pretty sure Sims 2 had pools, at least. I was excited for this game at last year's E3. Good thing Sims 3 is still a few miles ahead.
  • Jade Lilly
    Having excitedly waited for this game to be released, and as a true sims fan from the very beginning I genuinely thought I was being punked when I loaded the game up.

    Devastated does not even come close. I actually take it quite personal.

    The create a sim is cool and I love the multitasking feature but this game is literally the skid mark in the underpants of Sims 3.

    The single most annoying thing about the game is the tiny, ugly, ridiculous neighbourhood and loading screens?! ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?

    I got a refund 6 hours after purchase.

    They all need to go and sit in a corner and think seriously about what they have done!
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