9 Mobile Games With Surprisingly Deep Storylines

A list of 9 mobile games with interesting storylines that will keep you interested in playing them.

Mobile games are far from the usual gamer's choice of gaming. In fact, it is difficult to find a mobile game that keeps the player interested as well as has a story that's worthwhile. Here are nine mobile games with unexpected storylines that will have you hooked.

1. Homescape

This game involves you helping a character named Austin the Butler, who moves back home with his parents. His old childhood home is a bit of a fixer upper, but you help him improve the house. The game is a mix between The Sims and Candy Crush SagaAs you play the match-3 games, players earn money and help him make improvements on the home. This game is available in Google Play Store.

2. Infinity Blade

This game is an RPG combat adventure where, as the player, you face off against the main antagonist. The game plays in cycles, allowing you to fight the antagonist every time it is reborn. As the main character, Siris, you are on a mission to find what killed your father. The game consists of swipes to attack and dodge the enemy.

3. Device 6

This is a text-based game that uses images and sounds to guide the player through a set of puzzles, which the in-game protagonist, Anna, needs to solve to escape from an unknown island. She wakes up in a castle as she meets strange people and creatures appearing to be unresponsive or electronically controlled. The game consists of swiping the screen to move through or to review the story, using buttons to interact with in-game elements, shown in black-and-white pictures to get hints or to solve a puzzle.  Device 6 is available in the iTunes App Store.

4. The Room

This mystery puzzle game has four levels, each of which gives clues for the player to solve puzzles that reveal the plot of the story and lead to the next level. These clues are left behind by a benefactor and each clue brings you closer to the truth and a revelation about the story. This game can be found in the Google App Store as well as the iTunes App Store.


This indie title is a first-person sniper game with moral conflicts and a main character seeking revenge for the death of his family. It has a neo-noir style, which adds more suspense to the drama. The beginning missions start out easy and let you get accustomed with the system. The controls are simple and the aim is in the middle of the screen. Look for this game in the Google App Store.

6. Sinister Edge

This Android game allows for exploring locations, complex puzzle mechanics, and detailed surroundings full of unexpected occurrences. As the player, you are looking for your missing family members and uncovering a dark truth. This 3D game is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App store.

7. Dark Meadow: The Pact

The game starts with you waking up in an abandoned, decrepit hospital with no memory. There is a strange man in a wheelchair warning you of the creatures dwelling within the halls and mentions a "witch" before quickly rolling away, never to be seen again. The game is in first person view; you can explore your strange new world. Touching certain items will open them and give you items. Small green nodes on the ground show you where you can go, and the controls are a simple tap and go; no on-screen D-Pad. Make sure to check this game out at the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.

8. SIM- Sara is Missing

The game takes place on a lost cell phone which the player has found. The phone belongs to a girl named Sara. The phone seems to have been corrupted and the phone’s AI system, I.R.I.S. greets you with a friendly “Hello Sara." After typing responses to I.R.I.S, it soon becomes apparent Sara is in grave danger. You as the player must help I.R.I.S find Sara by searching through the most recent text messages, notes, emails, pictures and music to try and find relevant information on Sara. The iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store both have this game

9. Ninja Arashi

The game starts with the escape of the main villain from his prison. The villain proceeds to kill Arashi's wife and kidnaps his son. The game consists of using all the main character’s weapons in defeating the villains in the hopes of finding his son. The graphics are reminiscent of the Edo time period and the colors used for special attacks and traps are beautiful. The controls on the left side of the screen are two arrows used for moving either left and right. On the right side are four other buttons used to perform a variety of commands. This game is available in the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Check some of these games out and see which one you like!


Published Jun. 9th 2020

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