Mark your calendar for April 5th, Quantum Break is coming.

After 2 years of teasing, Remedy Entertainment is finally going to deliver the Quantum Break.

We've known about Quantum Break since around the time that Xbox One launched, but the developers have kept us in the dark about its development process. They even pushed it back a year, causing it to dissolve into one of those ghost stories we tell about games that have disappeared into the Abyss. Every so often a trailer would appear to remind us that it still exists... stuck somewhere in time. But now it seems like it the game will finally break out into the world like some mad science project on April 5th.

This makes sense given the premise of the game. Set in the northeast United States, the game casts you as the protagonist Jack Joyce. Being part of a weird H.G. Wells style time travel experiment that backfired, you gain these really cool time-related abilities. You can freeze time and still move around, move projectiles, or people in harms way. It is kind of like that running scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

You will need to travel through and fix temporal distortions around the map that might get in the way of your objectives. You need to do this before the enemy, your ex-best friend Paul Serene, tries to take advantage of the situation and claim global dominance.

If you aren't sold already, another important feature of this game is that the actions you take have a bit of a butterfly effect on everything else. This isn't in the Skyrim way where killing xyz causes his kids to hold a grudge against you. Instead, it's something more akin to one of those Goosebumps "choose-your-adventure" type stories. As you play the game, the choices you make change the live action cut-scenes and the plot of the story.

It's been two years since we first heard of the game, but it looks like we will be delivered a powerhouse of game design and approach that can change the way we approach games when this launches. So pre-order your copy for April 5th, and let us know what you think of the game here.

Published Mar. 27th 2016

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