6 Scariest VR Horror Games For Halloween 2017

Home Sweet Home

Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Price: $16.99 on Steam

Heavily drawing from Thailand’s rich and spooky folklore, Home Sweet Home sees you solving puzzles and finding secrets while using stealth to sneak through a mysterious house. It all seems simple enough, but while you do this, you’ll be hunted by a pack of murderous spirits who have taken to haunting the house -- and they are quite terrifying.

You play as Tim, who has been having some really bad luck lately. His wife recently vanished under mysterious circumstances and one morning after going to sleep in his own bed, he wakes up in an awful house full of phantoms who are out to get him. The plot threads uncover secrets held by the house -- and whether or not they have anything to do with your missing wife.

If you’re a fan of games like Outlast, but with a twist, you should find this experience enjoyable as it has similar stealth elements. Home Sweet Home doesn’t need to stand by comparison, however, as it’s one of the best-made horror games in or out of VR in recent memory.

Published Oct. 12th 2017

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