Guild Wars 2D Side-Scroller Actually Playable

The retro 2D side-scroller in the Super Adventure Box ad? It actually exists.

The 80s-tastic Super Adventure Box trailer from Guild Wars 2 is already pretty awesome on its own.  The silly creature suit for Rytlock, the retro effects, the absurd glasses they put on the Charr, every aspect of it is a glorious spoof of the era.  What the ad did not tell us is the side-scrolling game the child is playing at the beginning of the sketch is actually real.

Say what?

Yes, it actually exists.  The development team at Arenanet mentioned wanting a 2d side-scroller for the announcement video, one member of the team spoke up about having wanted to make exactly that sort of game for a long time.  Seeing no reason not to allow it, they actually let him put a working game together for the announcement.

The game as it appears in the video was put together in about three weeks and is now playable over on the Guild Wars 2 web site.  It actually is pretty fun, so give it a spin and relive the glory days of pixelated joy that made up so many of our childhoods!

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Published Apr. 22nd 2013

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