Top 5 Craziest FPS Maps in Competitive History

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While killing your fellow man in gaming is awesome, sometimes it can become pretty stale. It is only a matter of time until you grow sick of those military bunkers and alien spaceships you consistently wage war in.

With many FPS maps looking the same, it can become quite a challenge to find variety in all the slaughter. Luckily, there are certain maps that step out of the mold and provide new and satisfying experiences to all who are willing. These maps will whisk you to a different time, full of challenge and wonder. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Craziest FPS Maps.

Number 5: Aquarium

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

When Call of Duty is not recycling the same industrial maps or remaking Nuketown, they can provide unique maps. As the name suggests, you fight in an aquarium, sliding from close quarters combat into ambushes from the water below. Fast paced action and the small map design means danger is around every corner. With a fresh spin on Call of Duty map design, Aquarium feels fresh and exciting.

Number 4: Outskirts


Even though Battleborne faded into obscurity, its skillful maps provided a different challenge than the traditional high adrenaline kill fest. In Outskirts, players are pitted in city slums and must incinerate their minions to appease Minrec, someone obsessed with the recycling of minions. This makes defending your minions an utmost priority, leading to intense battles in hopes your minions will survive long enough to be incinerated. Betrayal has never been more common.


Number 3: Aztec

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Continuing a more tactical challenge, Aztec is a classic map in Counter Strike history, providing a ruin rife for conflict. Through its twisting tunnels and dangerous bridges, Aztec provided a great challenge for T's and CT's alike. This level also provides some much needed nature to the FPS genre, trading in the industrial grey for a more lush environment. Stain the soil red with the blood of your enemies.

Number 2: Dorado


Overwatch is famed for its colorful maps and wide selection of characters, and this map is no different. In Dorado, players must either escort or destroy a truck sent to restore power to this beautiful city. Engage in intense firefights within city blocks while traveling among rooftops. What sets this map apart is the stunning city and the complex paths used to carry out your objective. Overwatch has never been more unique.

Image provided by Blizzplanet.


Number 1: Facing Worlds

Unreal Tournament

Considered one of the best FPS maps of all time, Facing Worlds is also one of the most creative. Taking a two tower capture the flag approach, Facing Worlds provides a sense of adrenaline as you speed through the huge towers in hopes of victory. Connecting these grand towers is two paths set in the grand nothing of space. With the UT beta available to download, you can once again experience this great map in all it's Unreal Engine 4 glory.

FPS games may seem generic, but there is creativity hidden amongst the sea of maps. What do you think the craziest FPS maps are? Let us know in the comments.

Published Jan. 11th 2017

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