Hole.io Cheats And Tips For The Beginner

By learning the Hole.io map you can quickly go from last to first place in this addicting mobile game!

Another .io game? Yeah, they are a dime a dozen, but Hole.io puts a bit of a twist on it - its Slither.io meets Katamari Damacy in this city-swallowing time waster that can become quite addicting!

Your goal is to get the biggest hole and swallow everything in the city before your opponents, so the faster you eat everything in sight, the more likely you are able to hit that 1st place ranking. 

For those just getting started, its easy to lose momentum and constantly get swallowed by the faster players who know the best Hole.io tips and tricks already. Ready on for a full guide on how to consistently make it to the top spot!

Learning The Hole.io Map

Every single object on the map can be consumed, so long as you are large enough to swallow it. Your goal at the early stage of the game is to grab as many small objects as possible to get larger at a faster rate than the competition.

How do you do that? Stick to areas where lots of small objects are clustered together. A sidewalk lined with street lamps or other such objects is great for quickly chowing down on a ton of points in a few seconds.

Who gets the most points fastest at the beginning will have a huge impact on the hole.io late game, so you don't want to waste your time chasing after single objects or people.

If an area only has a handful of objects you can swallow, move through the buildings as a shortcut (you can freely slide through them instead of following the streets) and find a new area.

The absolute best early game location is any park! These are packed with people and objects in a tiny space. Grab the fences around the park, then move in a square pattern to quickly grab up the trees, buildings, people, light poles, and anything else that's standing there!

Using Car Spawn Points

Once your hole is large enough to swallow cars, one of the best Hole.io strategies is to simply park yourself on a busy street at a car spawn point.

You can chase them down if they get away, but if you are close enough to a spawn point, cars will simply come to you on both sides of the street and automatically fall in, very quickly netting you a huge score boost.

When you get large enough from this strategy, eventually buildings and other holes will become your best source of points to keep growing. Swallowing other players gives a big boost (and knocks them out of the running for a short time so they aren't competing for resources).

Hole.io Android Scam

Everybody wants to play the Hole.io android version, but sadly the real one doesn't exist yet at this point.

However, if you search Hole.io in the Google Play Store, you'll notice a suspicious string of apps that are all spelled slightly differently yet seem to feature the Hole.io imagery...

You'll notice that none of them are actually by Hole.io developer Voodoo, and they all seem to have oddly low ratings. That's because they are copy and paste scams where someone took the images from the game and slapped it into a quick app that does nothing but show ads or try to get you to input your personal information.

You will get endless activation codes that never do anything and never actually be able to play the real Hole.io game. Avoid these like the plague!

That's all you need to know to get started becoming a Hole.io champ! What's your favorite hole.io tactic or best location to rack up points quickly? Let us know your strategy in the comments below!

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Published Sep. 11th 2018

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