Photo Modes: Infamous Second Son

The third in the series takes a look at Infamous: Second Son. Lacking in features and control.

Well, I'm never going to complain about The Last of Us Remastered's Photo Mode camera ever again.

So I started up Infamous: Second Son, found a nice looking spot and entered it's Photo Mode. To start with, "Camera Orientation" just kind of does whatever it wants. I described using TLOU's camera as wrestling with it, Infamous is full on battling.

Comparing with DriveClub and The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous' Photo Mode is lacking. The game does have an option of locking the framerate again, similar to TLOU. With Infamous, though, there isn't really much graphical difference between its "30fps limit" and "Unlimited" options. Obviously there's a huge difference in the way it plays but 30fps v 60fps is an argument for another article.

Usually, this is the bit where I say what I liked about this Photo Mode. Hmm, I suppose its Depth of Field is alright. Setting up shots in Infamous, however, consists of me shouting "Camera? Where are you going? No, I just want you over there! THERE!" So, let's break it down.

How it Works

The cameras' settings separate in two in Infamous, you enter Photo Mode by clicking L3. "Camera Orientation" entails Pan/Tilt, navigated by the left stick, and Orbit by right. Then "Camera Position" moves it forward/back again by the left stick. Position seems to move you closer/further from a set point. Orientation is a constant battle, you end up upside down a lot, so you have to roll yourself back upright again. You get constantly lost with where and what the camera is doing.

There's a lack of settings as well within Infamous' Photo Mode. As usual, you flick through them with the directional buttons on the DualShock 4. However, there are no frames, film grains or brightness settings. Is this how the rest of this Photo Mode series plays out? Have I unintentionally started with the best one and am now working my way to destruction? Ending with me cursing off Photo Modes forever? Let me list the millions (a bit off) of settings to change the image within Infamous' Photo Mode.

  • Colour Grading: 13 filters that change the look of the image. Ranging from your usual B/W to something unusual like Neon, which makes the Neon powers stand out. No intensity percentages here, just an instant change in colours with not much control. Some inexplicably add a blur that ruins the entire image.
  • Depth of Field: This setting changes what is in and isn't in focus. Two settings here, which change the distance and width of the focus. Similar to TLOU's Depth of Field which I liked for the control of the focus, so same again here.
  • Field of View: This is your basic zoom. Again phrased like this like TLOU. The Field of View in Infamous, however, ranges from 35 - 120 not 20-90.

There you go, just 3 settings and Field of View is just a zoom.

I struggled with Infamous Second Son's Photo Mode but did the best I could with very little control. These are some of the images I came up with.


Jack Bampfield is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Yup, sounds about right.

Published Sep. 21st 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Even with having to battle against it, you got some pretty sweet shots! Nice one!

    I'm also thinking, technically GTA V doesn't have a photo mode, but as it as the Editor you can frame and screen grab from that. And as the Xbox One and PS4 are getting the Editor in an update... or if you have it on PC would that count as photo mode?

    Really liking these articles, as I think we do need more well done photo modes in games, and it's nice to see someone writing about it... I've never thought about it... I wrote someone on the Rockstar Editor and that more games need that... but it is really hard to do. And a photo mode is far easier. Imagine the sweet shots we could get from MGSV, or when Doom 4 is out... ahhh... would be so amazing!

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