Is the New League of Legends Champion Ao Shin or Virgil the Bard?

Who will be the next League of Legends Champion? Fans have a few ideas based on the teaser just released by Riot Games.

Riot Games has teased a new champion on the League of Legends website, arousing a lot of fan speculation as to who and what the new champion will be.

The teaser page depicts an older man atop a cloud-covered mountain, telling a story by a campfire to three young people; each part of the story he tells is illustrated by a different constellation representative of previous major events in League of Legends lore.

Hints in the Constellations

The first constellation the storyteller mentions is The Frozen Watcher, relating it to the "Battle for Freljord" event, which introduced the Howling Abyss map.

The second constellation is The Fall of Shurima, harkening back to the "Rise of the Ascended" event.

The Fall of Shurima

The third constellation, The Shattered Crown, is a reference to "Noxus Reborn," an event that told the story of the resurrection of Sion, the Noxian general who died as he defeated King Jarvan I of Damacia. This event signaled the re-release of Sion as a champion.

The fourth and final constellation is given several names: The Mountain Shrines, The Great Caretaker, and The Bard. This constellation is likely representative of the new champion, and could reference either of the two major threads of fan speculation as to who this new champion will be.

The fourth and final constellation is the source of much speculation, and teases fans with three different names - "The Mountain Shrines," "The Great Caretaker," and "Bard."

Mt. Targon and Ionian Speculation

Due to the style of the people's dress and the trees of the landscape shown on the outer edges of the page, many fans are speculating that the new champion will be from Ionia. Still others believe the mountainous locale could be a reference to Mt. Targon, though Mt. Targon's harsh landscape does not seem to suit the idyllic scene depicted in the teaser images.

Those fans that theorize the new champion is from Ionia speculate that it could be Ao Shin, a champion that was revealed but not released back in 2013 due to Riot's desire to take the time to do justice to the movements and abilities of a dragon character. The shield-like appearance of the constellation -  coupled with the names "The Mountain Shrine" and "The Great Caretaker" - could support this, as Ao Shin is purported to be the celestial guardian of Ionia, and was slated for a 2015 release according to the League of Legends wiki.

Other fans, however, have zeroed in on the name "Bard," speculating that this could reference a popular fan suggestion on the Champ/Skins Concept board for Virgil, The Wandering Storyteller. The fireside storyteller image, the name "Bard" for the constellation, and the files for the teaser being named "Promo_Bard_Teaser" all make this as likely a theory as Ao Shin. Riot has taken fan suggestions into account for major releases before - most recently for the DJ Sona Ultimate Skin - so this is not outside the realm of possibility.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming champion? Who and what are you hoping for? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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Published Feb. 24th 2015
  • kasmanjae
    It will be Vigil, think about it, according to his lore he is a bard that has traveled to the frejlord, shurima, and the shadow isles which are all shown withthe constellation. Also somone got into their files and already have his spells, passives, spell icons, and everything about him except the actual champ in game look, alot more info then ao shin which we only know he is a dragon that is based on lightning
  • Jessa Rittenhouse
    I'm inclined to agree with you - I love both concepts, but it really does look like Virgil's going to be the next champion.
  • Linc Eds
    I actually really hoping for Ao Shin especially because I keep thinking of Skyrim and how dragons' fights are actually just shouting, singing , or arguing. Also Ao Shin "ears" in the original concept looked like could be speakers ( Thunder ). Finally I love Shyvana but I'm really hoping to finally play a real dragon .
  • Jessa Rittenhouse
    Ao Shin would defnitely be really cool. I'd honestly want to play either champion, though, so I'm excited, no matter which one it ends up being.
  • LEE_2351
    3rd constellation is actually about the King of the shadow isles ...jus a fyi
  • Jessa Rittenhouse
    Interesting! Do you mind providing me with a link so I can follow up on that? It was stumping me, and the only thing I could think of that fit was "Noxus Reborn."

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