New DJ Sona Ultimate Skin is Actually 3 Skins in 1 and Comes With 3 New In-Game Soundtracks

The animations for the upcoming League of Legends DJ Sona skin have been released - along with an amazing soundtrack.

Riot's League of Legends champion Sona has a new ultimate skin - DJ Sona - and her new animations and VFX are now available in an all-abilities preview video.

With the release of this new skin, Riot's doing a couple of things they've never done before:

  1. The skin itself is essentially three skins in one
  2. Players can switch between the three skin variations at will
  3. It's the first skin ever to be tied to its own soundtrack(s)
  4. Teammates can opt to listen in

The new skin makes perfect sense for the musically-inclined Sona with her song and sound-related abilities; it also fits in with the musical direction Riot has taken lately with the release of The Curse of the Sad Mummy, The Music of League of League of Legends, and the documentary on the driving forces behind the game's music, Frequencies

DJ Sona also epitomizes one of Riot's best qualities as a company - their attentiveness to their fans. Suggested by a fan on Riot's forums back in 2011, the idea was overwhelmingly popular; though it's taken four years to release, the time and effort shows in a highly-polished finished product.

DJ Sona has a soundtrack that goes with the skin, cycling from Kinetic to Concussive to Ethereal electronic beats.

Some of the key features of the DJ Sona skin are:

  • Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal themes the player can toggle through at will
  • Sona's outfit, turntable, and the look and feel of her abilities change with the music
  • The music can be shared with teammates - tune in with a button on the in-game scoreboard

Though the skin hasn't been released for purchase just yet, fans can sate their appetites some with desktop wallpapers and soundtrack downloads on the official promo page.

Excited about DJ Sona? Have some thoughts about what the next skin might be? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Feb. 3rd 2015

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