Insanely Expensive Pokemon Merch That You'll Still Want to Buy

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Brand New Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Themed Nintendo GameCube

Price: $500

The Nintendo GameCube has its place in gaming history for providing some of the greatest titles to grace the sixth generation of gaming. But why settle for the common purple edition you can pick up anywhere for cheap, when you can shell out ridiculous amounts of cash for this hard to find Pokemon themed edition? The best part is, it'll immediately lose the value you paid once you open the box to try and play the system! 

I would just like to point out that the only real difference in the GameCube of this bundle, compared to a normal GameCube, is the Pokemon logo is pictured where it usually says "Nintendo GameCube." That's it. The color is exactly what you'd get out of a gray GameCube at a flea market, but you just have to be the most die hard Pokemon fan out there -- so we both know you're going to shell out the $500 just to get this one.

But I'm no here toy judge how you spend your money...well, yes I am, but it's not like any of us wouldn't want a Pokemon GameCube if we could get one. Some of us just realize the price is too much for our inner child. But I have faith you'll be the irresponsible buyer. 

Check out the Ebay listing here.

Published Sep. 16th 2016

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