8 Other Pokemon that Could be the Face of the Franchise

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The world has forever been imprinted with the words "Pikachu, use thunderbolt!" Ever since Ash Ketchum picked up his little yellow friend in the anime series, every child across the world wanted a Pikachu of their own. The sales of video games skyrocketed, plush toys in Pikachu's likeness flew off the shelves...everyone had to have a Pikachu one way or another.

If you ever spot a random person wearing a Pokemon hat, it's almost 100% guaranteed to be a Pikachu hat. But why is that exactly? Out of the original 151 Pokemon to choose from, why did Ash get set up with a mouse that shoots electricity? How did Pikachu become the face of Pokemon?

It can't be because Pikachu happens to be cute and cuddly -- there's a wide array of Pokemon creatures that're adorable. It isn't because of his strength, because no Pikachu could ever fight off a Lugia. For a take on both sides of the argument, here are eight different Pokemon that could have also been the face of the franchise for one reason or another.

If one of these eight had been chosen instead, what would the series be like today? 

Published Jul. 28th 2016
  • MarquisToken
    Saying Pikachu is the face of the franchise is a bit of stretch.. The face of the anime would be more appropriate.

    Only one of the main games have it as it's mascot, Pokemon Yellow, being released one year after the Anime aired, and two years later than Pokemon Red and Green which featured Charizard and Venusaur respectively.

    In the anime, specifically Indigo League, it's not hard to see why so many have taken Ash and Pikachu too hearth. It's great at building up their relationship and showing all the emotions they go through together.
    And there is a very good reason Pikachu never was evolved, which also is addressed in Indigo League, and contributes to a great sub plot and character development. Also, Ash and Pikachu did beat Lt. Surges Raichu, proving once again that the bond Ash and Pikucha have is something to admire.

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