Disgaea 5 Endings Guide: Every Conclusion From Humilating Loss to True

Disgaea 5 has plenty of endings and only one good one. We're here to help you through them all.

In true series fashion, there are multiple Disgaea 5 endings you can work towards. One is good, some are entertaining, and others you definitely want to avoid — even getting there means you’ve done some very bad things. Fortunately, the end isn’t really the end with these.

You can re-load and restart once you reach one of these endings and try to do better next time, without actually starting from scratch. Aside from the first bad conclusion, each offers a lengthy and emotional demise for Killia, the Rebel Army, or both, so it's worth completing the requirements or just watching on YouTube to get the full experience.

Our Disgaea 5 endings guide covers each one in the order you’ll encounter them first, plus how to unlock them.

All Disgaea 5 Endings

Humiliating Loss (Disgaea 5 Bad Ending 1)

You run across the humiliating loss ending very early by losing against Red Magnus in 1-5. In all fairness, that’s not hard to do. It might be worth grinding in previous levels first before tackling the Scorching Flame Overlord.

If you do lose, Red Magnus expresses disgust over the challenge you didn’t put up and storms off to fight Void Dark on his own. No one knows what happened after that.

Usalia’s Death (Disgaea 5 Bad Ending 2)

This one has a few spoilers, so we won’t go into too much detail. You fight Usalia, ruler of Toto Bunny Netherworld, in 4-5. But you shouldn’t actually fight her if you don't want this conclusion.

If you defeat Usalia in 4-5 or let other enemies defeat her, you’ll earn this one. Kilia leaves the Rebel Army for reasons if this happens, and the army eventually disbands. 

Regrettable End (Disgaea 5 Bad Ending 3)

Regrettable End is another bad conclusion, but it has two requirements. The Rebel Army faces Majorita in 11-5. If you lose this fight and have killed 50 allies or more over the course of your journey, you unlock the Regrettable End ending. This one sees a war ignite between Void Dark and the angels after the Netherworld gets destroyed.

If this is the one you want to see, killing your allies is easy enough to do by accident and even easier on purpose. Prinnies exist to blow up, dood.

Successor Failure (Disgaea 5 Bad Ending 4)

Like the one above, the Successor Failure ending only unlocks if you’ve destroyed your own allies 50 times or more. Lose in 15-5 to trigger an interesting scene between Killia and Bloodis where your callous carelessness will not go unpunished. The world sort of ends too.

Suicidal Decision (Disgaea 5 Bad Ending 5)

The final battle has two potential conclusions, and the first is the Suicidal Decision ending. This one unlocks if you’ve killed 50 allies or more and choose the wrong choice — “Take time to think” — when prompted. It sets off a dramatic chain of events for everyone involved and sees Killia meet a tragic end.

Disgaea 5 Normal Ending

How to get Disgaea 5’s normal or true ending is as easy as just beating the game. If you haven’t destroyed 50 of your allies or more, you can just complete the final battle in 16-5 like normal.

However, unlike previous Disgaea games, you aren’t punished if you’ve slaughtered allies. If you have passed the 50 ally threshold, pick “Run Away” when prompted to see this one anyway.

That's it for our Disgaea 5 endings guide. For more on Disgaea 5, be sure to head over to the game's main page here


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Published Dec. 14th 2020

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