The Official GTA V Trailer is Bombastic and Pure Rockstar

This time it's official.

At last, the trailer you've all been waiting for, eagerly huddled around your PCs with your friends in tow, popcorn in hand, eyes-wide. Your moment has arrived.

Or not. Either way, the new "official" trailer (apparently those other trailers weren't nearly official enough) for GTA V dropped today, and and it's as over-the-top and cinematic as we've come to expect from Rockstar. Also true to traditonal form, the trailer shows both scenes from in-game, in-engine cinematics as well as actual gameplay, something we're quite pleased about.

Mini-guns, planes bombing bridges, high speed motorcycle chases. We don't mean to blow anyone's mind, but that new Grand Theft Auto game looks like it might be pretty good.

The trailer launches on the heels of the announcement of Grand Theft Auto Online, the downloadable add-on mode for GTA V that will be available for free to everyone who purchased GTA V, and the reveal of the special and collector's editions of the game.  While no one has ever accused Rockstar of not making a full marketing push whenever a new GTA is ready to launch, they seem to be going espeically hard for GTA V.  

Published Aug. 29th 2013

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