Marvel's Avengers Guide: How to Find Sidney Levine

Getting bombarded with messages to visit Sidney Levine? Here's how to find him and start getting high-level gear!

Marvel's Avengers really wants you to turn in faction rewards to Sidney Levine, especially in the early missions. The already notorious "reminder" message is plaguing many people's games and leaving players scratching their heads, wondering, "Where is Sidney Levine?"

It can be incredibly frustrating in the game's opening hours to be (constantly) bombarded with the same message because it's one that seemingly offers very little in terms of an answer.

Luckily, the process of getting to Sidney Levine is much easier than it seems, and once Levine is unlocked, he offers some pretty unique and interesting rewards.

Marvel's Avengers Guide: How to Find Sidney Levine

Iron Man standing in front of Sidney Levine's shop in the hangar of the Helicarrier.

Before you begin looking for Sidney, you must advance a little bit in the campaign. Without giving out any story spoilers, complete the first mission with Iron Man.

After you complete Iron Man's first mission, you'll go back to the Helicarrier. You'll then be asked to complete a list of minor tasks, mainly introducing you to the live service elements of the game.

Where is Sidney Levine?

One of these tasks is to hunt down Sidney Levine.

To find Sidney, go to the hangar in the back of the Helicarrier. You'll find Sidney Levine located on the right side of the hangar in a small vendor kiosk surrounded by crates and weapons.

What Does Sidney Levine Do?

By visiting Sidney Levine, you will be able to purchase a variety of faction rewards.

Most of these will be locked behind higher levels, but as you level up, complete assignments and challenges, and venture deeper into the game, more of these will open up.

Sideny Levine showing his faction reward items, with some unlocked and other still hidden.

Most of the rewards are focused on gear for certain characters and often require a large number of resources to obtain, which Levine also sells on a rotating basis as Specialty Items in exchange for other rare resources or exclusive artifacts for your characters.

These high-level gear pieces pack some substantial perks, so it's worth getting your hands on them. 

Marvel's Avengers is full of many complex systems, many of which are buried until later in the campaign. Be sure to check GameSkinny for all things Marvel's Avengers, including a rundown on how to get credits!


Published Sep. 9th 2020

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