Lightspeed Frontier On Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

Lightspeed Frontier is on Kickstarter and needs some love.

Lightspeed Frontier is a game on Kickstarter which is going to appear at PAX West 2016 in the indie megabooth from September 2nd to the 5th. Ahead of it's appearance during PAX West, the dev team have made a wonderful Kickstarter page to help get it funded. At this time it is halfway there at $1,620 of  the $2,500 goal they need to be successful. 

Lightspeed Frontier is considered a parody of sci-fi stories, shows, and movies that we all grew up watching over the years. It puts you in on an adventure where you will discover missions by looking around in your surroundings and investigating billboards,advertisements, news headlines, NPCs you run into, and more. Everything will be random chance as well. 

In the game, you are going to be building your very own ship. There is an easy drag and drop system, so even the most clueless gamer can make a nice ship. You can salvage from ships you have destroyed, buy brand new ships, or even craft your very own. You're going to be getting upgrades for your ship by questing, asking other ship owners if you can destroy them for parts, resources, and other things. 

The quests are going to be the other unique thing about Lightspeed Frontier as they're not going to be like the typical quests in RPGs. The player is going to have to be very aware of the headlines, advertisements, and DMs from people you run into. If you want work, you gotta go out and find it yourself. 

Ah, yes, space battles is another good perk of this game. You can build your own ship and battle against other ships be it an enemy or friend. You're safe by space stations, but if you venture into the open space it's fair game to engage in a ship fight. You're going to have to think of weapons you want to use, and think ahead. 

The universe is immersive as you'll run into many memorable NPCs, corporations, scavengers, programmers, and space stations among other things.  The ships have a class based system and as you get more modules you'll be able to unlock more zones and do more missions around space. You do start out as a wimp, but build your way up to a powerful ship. Each class has it's own pros and cons like most classes in RPGs. There is a lot you can find out by just going to the page and asking the dev questions if you become a backer. 

You can download a free alpha demo over at IndieDB or for free at the moment to get a taste of what is to come in the fully featured game. There are no rules, limits, or anything. You can just hop on in and build away with no problems. The dev team will read feedback and concerns along with addressing them overtime.  You can also check out the Steam Greenlight page they made as well if you wish to follow it there. The Kickstarter page can be found by going here or seeing the Kickstarter widget down below.




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Published Aug. 22nd 2016

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