Complete Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons Stats List

The Battle Royale weapons list is very different from Fortnite's base gameplay, and you won't have time to study a gun while trying to survive 100 player death matches!

Developed alongside the game's base multiplayer campaign, the F2P Battle Royale mode offers up a fast paced new way to experience Fortnite, and this time without any shambling zombies!

Those who paid to get in on Early Access will notice that the weapon lists are quite a bit different between the main PvE campaign and the PvP Battle Royale mode.

At the moment, there's no player progression and no skill tree for Battle Royale. You also can't pick specific types of heroes like in the base game, so everyone has the same base stats. Anything you've unlocked along the skill tree or any weapons you've upgraded in the campaign mode won't matter in these free-for-all combat sessions.

What that means is that -- all other things being equal -- the player who has found the better weapon first is typically going to win.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule for those who are playing smart by swooping down on injured combatants or keeping out of sight and killing from a hidden vantage point.

For more info on being that jerk player who keeps winning, check out our advanced tactics article for using the map to your advantage and dominating in these 100 player matches.

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Rarity

While exploring the Battle Royale map and opening golden loot chests you may discover the exact same weapon with different levels of rarity, and their stats will change along with color.

An orange sniper rifle is going to deal more damage than a green one, for instance. Here are the weapon breakdowns, in order from weakest / most common to strongest / rarest:

  • Common – Gray
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon List

Below we list out each type of weapon and its basic stats. When comparing damage to DPS, remember that a high damage rating won't always equal a high damage per second due to varying firing rate and reload speeds.

Rocket Launchers for instance actually have a lower DPS than their damage rating, due to slow firing speed and the fact that they have a clip size of 1.

Keep in mind that Battle Royale is still in development, with stats being tweaked and new weapons being added in regular updates. Some of these guns we simply don't have stats yet for because we haven't yet come across a legendary M16 or a common grenade launcher yet.

Have you found any of the weapon rarities we don't have listed below, or have you noticed an incorrect stat? Let us know in the comments and we'll work to get it updated! And if you're looking for the top-tier weapons to use in your next run, check out our guide to the best weapons in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode for more information!

Battle Royale Assault Rifles

Update: as of November 16th, 2017 the accuracy on assault rifles has increased 33%, while the per-shot penalty for sustained fire has reduced by 20%, with a further reduction in recoil by 30%.

Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
M16 (Common)   176  32  30
 M16 (Uncommon)  181  33   30
 M16 (Rare)  192  35  30
 SCAR (Epic)  203  37  30
 SCAR (Legendary)  214  39  30
 Scoped Rifle (Rare)  80  23  20
 Scoped Rifle (Epic)  84  24  20
 Assault Rifle Burst (Common)  118  29  30
  Assault Rifle Burst (Uncommon)  122  30  30
  Assault Rifle Burst (Rare)  203  37  30


Battle Royale Grenade Launchers
Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
 Grenade Launcher (Rare)  100  100  6
Grenade Launcher (Epic)   105  105  6
Grenade Launcher (Legendary)   110  110  6


Battle Royale Pistols
Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
 Revolver (Common)  48  54  6
 Revolver (Uncommon)  51  57  6
 Revolver (Rare)  54  60  6
 Pistol (Common)  155  23  16
 Pistol (Uncommon)   162  24  16
 Pistol (Rare)  169  25  16


Battle Royale Rocket Launchers

Update: As of November 16th, 2017 rocket launcher reload time has been increased by 10%, lowering the overall DPS.

Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
 Rocket Launcher (Rare)  80 110   1
Rocket Launcher (Epic)   85 116   1
 Rocket Launcher (Legendary)  90 121   1


Battle Royale Shotguns

Update: the Pump Shotguns were bugged and dealing much more damage than they were meant to deal, and also had a far longer range than normal (essentially working as sniper rifles). They have now been patched to return to their intended values.

Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
 Pump Shotgun (Common)  63 90   5
Pump Shotgun (Uncommon)   66 95   5
 Tactical Shotgun (Uncommon)  100 67   8
 Tactical Shotgun (Rare)  105 70   8
Tactical Shotgun (Epic)  111 74   8


Battle Royale SMGs
Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
 Submachine Gun (Common)  140 14   35
Submachine Gun (Uncommon)   150 15   35
Submachine Gun (Rare)   160 16  35
 Tactical SMG (Uncommon)  160 16  30
Tactical SMG (Rare)   170 17   30
 Tactical SMG (Epic)  175 18   30
 Tactical SMG (Legendary)  180 19   30
 Silenced SMG (Common)  140 14   35
Silenced SMG (Uncommon)  150 15  35
Silenced SMG(Rare)  160  16  35


Battle Royale Sniper Rifles
Weapon DPS Damage Magazine Size
Bolt Action Sniper AWP (Rare)   35 105   1
Bolt Action Sniper AWP (Epic)    37 110   1
 Bolt Action Sniper AWP (Legendary)   38 116   1
 Semi-Auto Sniper (Epic)  75  63   10
 Semi-Auto Sniper (Legendary)  80 66   10


Which specific gun is the best? It's a bit of a personal preference issue, and can vary depending on situation (short range shotgun versus long range sniping, and so on) but you can check out our list of the best weapons in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode for a full rundown of all the top-tier gear you have at your disposal. 

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our Fortnite guides and ensure you'll stay alive in your next Battle Royale showdown.

Published Oct. 9th 2017

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