How Long Does the Splitgate Queue Take?

How long does it take to get into a match in Splitgate? Queue times vary, but they're not too long all things considered.

Whether you're jumping into Splitgate for the first time or the hundredth, you'll have to sit through a queue before hitting the main menu, much less the arena. A message from developer 1047 Games pops up while you wait, saying the wait is so that Splitgate's servers don't get too crowded and crash. But how long does the Splitgate queue take? 

That really depends on how many folks are playing Splitgate at any given time, as well as when you're trying to play. Wait times can range from a few minutes to much, much longer, with some reports citing nearly two hours. And the time of day plays into that.

Of course, playing at peak times, which are usually in the evening, means you'll have to wait longer than if you're playing in the morning or in the middle of the day. It took me about three minutes to get to the main menu the first time I booted up Splitgate in the early afternoon, and one minute the second time in the late afternoon. At night, it took about 10 minutes. Still not too bad.

1047 added more Splitgate server capacity on August 7 due to demand, drastically cutting queue times to what they are now. It's likely that if more players pick up the game, server times will inevitably increase, though it seems like 1047 will be able to move quickly to keep things manageable. 

Unfortunately, you can't check queue times in-game. So how can you see estimated wait times? It's not a one-to-one estimate of any one player's expected queue time, sure, but the Splitgate Discord channel displays current estimated queue times under "Server Status" at the top of the left-side bar. 

Once you've logged into the main menu and started searching for a match, finding a match doesn't take too long at all. And wait times between matches are relatively short, under three minutes on average by my experience (I'm on a U.S. east coast server, for what it's worth). 

All told, there aren't any hard and fast answers to the question of how long does the Splitgate queue take. Each time is different, but 1047 is doing everything they can to make waits as short as possible, and they seem to be succeeding given Splitgate's increasing popularity.  

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Published Aug. 12th 2021

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