Just Imagine if We Had These Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Mods

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When I write listicles I start with all the content first; the stuff that goes on each of the slides that falls under the topic I'm writing about. I then come back and write this first slide last. As such, looking back upon what I had written -- and after having declared that it was good -- I realized that there was one word that I kept using: imagine.

I think the act of imagining is the exact spirit that video games and, by extension, mods are driven by. Many of us gamers play video games to escape the world. It is our escapism. The worlds, characters, systems, etc. within this escapism serve as our imaginary landscapes. Many of us are happy to cede over our own imaginations to these worlds, to let them do the work. Think of heavily scripted games like Uncharted where you watch a character. And yet many more of us invest heavily in games that allow us to embody a character of our own choosing. Think of open-ended games, like Fallout 3.

But some people choose to go further. They make their own mods or their own games, these people do more creative thinking than merely inhabiting a character, but less creative work than actually building something from scratch. And that's where I come in...

This is my long-winded way of saying: here are some cool mods I’d like to see for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

Published Apr. 26th 2017

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