Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Storm Sailing Guide

Don't let a rogue wave bring you down. Always sail straight into the path.

In Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, it's important to be the best at sailing you can be. In the initial hurricane sequence alone, you encounter several different varieties of rough weather that can be a little tough to work around. Here are the best ways to deal with these two natural occurrences. 

Water Spouts

Water Spouts pop in the initial sailing mission aboard the Jackdaw as you battle it out against an oncoming hurricane. 

These environmental features can be incredibly difficult to navigate around. On the mini-map, they're represented as yellow circles, and the first few times I played, I took these to mean that they were the ending line of their effect. But that is not the case. 

If you get too close to the water spout, you can be pulled into the area of effect, which will result in the Jackdaw being crushed. 

The best way to deal with waterspouts is to pretend that the yellow circle is actually twice the size of the represented yellow circle. This will allow you to completely avoid the effects of the spouts. 

Rogue Waves

Really, the best piece of advice regarding rogue waves, is to steer directly into them. In the initial hurricane sequence, if you can do that, you can avoid all damage the wave would normally cause. 

The easiest way to pilot into rogue waves is to move towards them the moment they are announced or viewable on the mini-map. This gives you enough time to re-arrange yourself. In this case, I even ignored attacking ships in favor of piloting towards the rogue wave -- they were devastated by the wave, and were no longer a threat. 

What are you tips for sailing in Black Flag? 

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Published Oct. 31st 2013
  • Paper4u
    My ship got struck by lightning twice and sunk both times, how do I prevent this?
  • TheCommentator
    I have another idea on Waterspouts, When you see one earlier on before you have decent Resistance upgrades for the Jackdaw and don't know how to cope with one properly yet, Water Spouts are designed to lock onto you and hunt you down, making a bee-line as soon as you touch the Wheel of the Jackdaw, Unrealistic yes but sure as hell fun. So when in a storm after spotting Waterspouts, Get off your wheel and run into your Captains Quarters -{Sequence 3, Part 4 Needed to unlock}- Or just sit on the deck, and wait for it to pass.

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