Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Centurion Squad Spotlight

For when the power of a Terminator just isn't enough!

Two of the recent releases in the Warhammer 40k Space Marine line-up, the Centurion Assault Squad and Centurion Devastaror Squad, are both forces to be reckoned with. These literal walking tanks wear an armored exo-suit over their existing Power Armor suit. Outfitted with heavy weaponry, Centurion Squads can rip the toughest foes to shreds.

Hand picked from the best of the Devastator and Assault Squads, Centurion Squad members must excel in their squad's battle area. 

Assault Squads:


Here's a Centurion Assault Squad from the Ultramarines chapter.

Centurion Assault Squads lead the front lines of confined siege warfare. Since a Centurion squad can go where a tank or a Dreadnought can't, they are perfect frontline soldiers. Giving up the heavier guns, members of the assault squads instead carry massive Siege Drills. These drills can rip through walls, armor and flesh with ease. In a game, I'd recommend trying to take these units out from a distance instead of facing them in hand to hand combat.

Devastator Squads: 


Here is a Devastator Squad in the same style.

The Devastator Squads fill a defensive role. These units care little for mobility, the guns they carry have a large range to make up for their lack of mobility. Devastator Squads excel when mobility isn't a necessity. Protecting fortifications or besieging enemy defenses are a Centurion Devastator's primary missions. Unlike Assault Squads, you'll want to engage in hand-to-hand combat with these units to render their guns useless.

A well positioned Centurion Squad can be the difference in a game. Be sure to use their strengths to the fullest.

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Published Jan. 24th 2014

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